A big thank you!

A big thank you!

We would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone for their support and being fantastic audiences on the two nights of our infant performances. The children have worked so hard over the last couple of weeks putting the show together and as a school we were incredibly proud of each and everyone of them. To see them all take their special moment on the stage and to sit back and hear them sing is a real privilege.

It is always such a wonderful experience to see the school community come together to support the children . Personally I would like to thank the staff for all of the hard work that they put in behind the scenes to create the staging, practise the songs, organise costumes, build up the children’s confidence and for making the performances run smoothly.

When the lights go down and the children enter the hall it’s always the signal that Christmas is close at hand. Thank you again for all the parental support in learning lines and sending in costumes. We are really pleased that you all enjoyed the shows.

Christmas with the aliens



  1. I was really good at beeing a narrator and singing too.

  2. The christmas play was fun because we were doing it with our mum’s and dad’s there!

  3. It was great and the other people were great to all so I liked the three kings song!

  4. It was good being the main actor

  5. The songs were good!

  6. I liked everyone singing loudly!

  7. I really liked the songs

  8. my favourite song was we three kings because it had lots of actions.

  9. I liked the Christmas play because there were lots of songs and actions and I got to be a narrator. I think I was very good!

  10. The chistmas show was really fun because the songs were good.

  11. I like the chistmas Party because I saw Santa Claus and the music was great.

  12. I liked the first song it was amazing of are school play

  13. I liked when I sang well I never because I Liked the beat of the music.

  14. I loved our Christmas play my favourite song was we 3 kings because I liked the beat of the song!

  15. I liked doing singing in the Christmas with the aliens because we did lots of actions in it!

  16. The Christmas play was very fun because I went on stage and acted!

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