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A sporting success!

What a fantastic sporting term we have had!

As stated on the PE information page, Unsworth have joined together to work alongside QFirst Sports to enhance the sporting opportunities of the children from Early years all the way up to Y6. So far this term, Y1, Y3, Y4 and Y6 have experienced curriculum support sessions for either Invasion Games or Multi skills. After speaking with both colleagues and the children involved, all curriculum support sessions have received positive feedback. A key theme running through all classes seems to be the element of competition, scoring points and playing as part of a team. From lessons that have been observed, it was clear to see that the children were having fun and found the activities engaging and exciting. All sessions were fast paced, moving the children on quickly to another skill or application of skills via a small team game or a selection of activities.  Next half term Y3 and Y5 will receive curriculum support sessions for Street Dance.

Lunchtime leaders has also proved successful this term, especially for the children in Y1, Y2 and Y3. After speaking with Miss Costin, the children have really enjoyed working with Conor or Ryan to learn new skills and games. The main finding seems to be that the children now have a short focus activity that keeps them engaged for a short period of time. Another finding, is that the children are applying the taught skills back in their PE lessons. After the Christmas break, a small group of Y5 and Y6 children have been selected to be Unsworth Lunchtime Leaders.   The children will lead and direct the younger children for short activities based on what they have played with QFirst Sports so far.  Keep posted for more about this after the holidays!

The extra curricular sessions seem to be the greatest success with all children who were interviewed giving positive feedback. The children in Y2, Y3, Y4 and Y5 shared that they really look forward to their new clubs and that they enjoy playing games where they can compete with one another. They also expressed that they like to take part in the clubs as they are different sporting activities that they may have never taken part in before. A key theme of the enjoyment of playing outside, wearing coloured bibs to represent your own team and the fact that you get to do a variety of activities came across from most of the children too.  Next half term there will be opportunities for YR and Y1 to take part in a Street Dance club, sounds exciting!

If you would like to find out how we are spending our Government funded sports grant, click on the curriculum tab, PE and scroll down the page for the link.

In addition to the opportunities created by QFirst Sports, we have had other exciting sporting clubs or events happening in school. From October to December the netball team have been working hard to developing key skills needed to take part in a match such as footwork, passing techniques and finding a space. The children are an absolute credit to the school and have now formed an official netball team.  They finished the term by becoming familiar with each position on the netball court, ready for our upcoming competitions in the Spring term. Additionally the football team have had a super first term back and even enjoyed taking part in a competition with other schools in Bury at Bury Grammar. After their fantastic teamwork and enthusiasm they finished second! The cross country team have also been building up their stamina at lunchtimes too with Mrs Ali and Mrs Channon.

Our sponsored scooter event in October was a huge success raising over £1,000 to enhance our PE curriculum. Keep posted next term to see how we will be spending this money.

The Spring term looks even more exciting as the children will have further opportunities to take part in other sporting events. Mrs Darby will be running a ping pong club for Y2 every Thursday, letters to go out the first week back. Some Y6 children have been selected to run our ‘Sports Crew’. The Sports Crew involves the children initiating and leading small activities for the younger children at lunchtimes. Y4 will start their swimming sessions and the after school club children will have further sporting opportunities including a kids fun circuit!

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