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Recently we had our prefab refurbished into a training room. This week we welcomed teachers from other schools across Bury and Rochdale to attend a training course on the ‘Power of Coaching’ led by myself, Mr Rhodes and Mr Holden, the Headteacher from Tottington Primary School. During the day, the teachers had the opportunity to visit some of our classrooms and to have their lunch on the ‘top table.’ Some of our Y6 pupils acted as hosts and made sure our visitors felt welcome and also that they had plenty to eat and drink. I was very proud to watch our children as they took their responsibilities so seriously. Our visitors were so impressed with the care they received and the impeccable manners of our children.

Later in the week I had a visitor from Medway Council in Kent to discuss the inclusive nature of our school. When she had looked for an example of good practice in the north of England, I was delighted that it was our school she selected to visit. We spent the morning talking about our provision and practice when it comes to special educational needs and comparing notes about developments in both Medway and Bury. Again, we spent some time looking around the school and visiting classrooms. In every class we saw pupils engaged in learning, willing to tell us about their activities. Part way through the morning our discussions had to stop when four children from Y4 came to interview me for their newspaper report! Such challenging questions!

In between visits and visitors Christmas has arrived at Unsworth Primary School. In every nook and cranny you can find children practising their songs or lines and creating decorations. Around every corner you can see staff making costumes and props including alien spaceships for our nativity play…?? Next week we will invite parents and carers into school to see the nativity and the week after to see our panto. At the same time we will be starting our latest whole school enquiry all about science and scientists. We are looking forward to seeing how the children will develop their scientific skills over the two weeks.

Finally.. it seems we have had some intruders in our Reception Class after we left on Friday. Check out Miss Ashton’s blog to see what happened…

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