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Rehearsals and rockets!

Y5 leapt into action this week with great enthusiasm as always.

We started the week by writing our own instructions to use in a user manual for pupils, showing them step by step instructions for accessing Abacus games on the iPads. The children focused on using imperative verbs, time openers and adverbs.

Having spent much of this week rehearsing the songs for our play, “Aladdin in trouble” it was great to see the students at Bury College perform their version of “Treasure Island”. The children enjoyed the action packed panto and it has put us in the mood for Christmas, and very  excited about our own performance next week.

We spent the final part of the week investigating “How does the moon moves?” The children created their own models in the playground and thought about how the earth and moon moved around the sun. We thought about the moon reflecting the sunlight (and not giving off its own light as many thought), causing the different phases of the moon.

We ended the week with preparing out miniature rockets ready for a further investigation we will be working on next week. The children are all fired up and ready for testing out their rockets next week.

Check out our Twitter page for highlights of this event next week.

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