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Singing, Acting & Weaving

It has been another busy week in Y2 this week, with preparations for our Christmas nativity well underway! It is such a magical time of year when December arrives and it has been lovely to hear each day how the children are getting ready for Christmas. The children have been developing their weaving skills this week, through creating their own friendship bands. Miss Hackett and Mr Evans were really impressed with how hard the children worked and some of the bands are now nearly finished. Below you can see a gallery of some of the twist bands that children have made. Next week the children will finish off their friendship bands and perform their nativity play on Tuesday and Wednesday Evening.

  • IMG_0628
  • IMG_0629
  • IMG_0631
  • IMG_0633
  • IMG_0635
  • IMG_0636
  • IMG_0638
  • IMG_0639
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