Over the next two weeks, alongside our usual festive fun , our curriculum will focus around science as part a whole school two week enquiry titled ‘ Unsworth Investigates’. This will begin on Monday the 7th December with an introductory assembly, where we will be considering scientists from around the world both present and past, who have made a real difference to our undersanding of the world we live in.  The scientists will be added to our board in the hall and the children will also be asked if they can contribute with the names, pictures or details of other scientists.  The aim is to fill our board with scientists from as many different places as possible. The assembly will also consider ‘ Verbs for Scientists’ such as explaining, measuring, concluding, exploring to name just a few.  During this enquiry, the children will focus on developing their working scientifically skills, in particular their ability to reflect and to use information gathered to create conclusions. Each class will work on different investigations and their learning will be compiled in a short film clip and shared in a whole school assembly in the last week of term.

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