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Cakes and Coins

This afternoon Reception class took a trip to Martins bakery to see the inside of a real bakery shop and to buy their own cake. All of the children queued up with their 50p, handed over their coins and received a cake. The children were really excited and had lots of questions for the staff. It was lovely to hear them all using their manners and once everybody had bought their cake and had a look around, we all walked back to school. Once we got back to school, we all sat down with our cakes and ate them all up! Across the week Reception have been learning all about different coins and lots of children were able to suggest different coins that made a total of 50p! Also this week, the children have been looking at the weather. They have compared the different types of weather across the week and what the weather looks/feels like. Have a look at our gallery below of our visit to the bakery!

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