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Enthusiastic learners!

The children in Y3 ,this week, have once again made me feel extremely proud of their hard work and enthusiasm towards their learning! The class is full of enthusiastic and inquisitive learners!

In science the children have been learning about skeletons and this week we focused on endo-skeletons and exo-skeletons. We watched a cartoon clip, predicted what type of skeleton each animal may have and explained why, moved around the room to share our thoughts and sorted different skeleton images. The children were so excited to find out the correct answers for each animal as they cheered if they were standing at the correct answer.

In geography, the children picked a mystery piece of paper which determined what their group were going to research. Themes included agriculture, climate and the culture of the Ghanaian people. Children selected iPads, netbooks, books and atlases to answer their questions. They will use this information next week to create a pic collage to present back to the rest of the class.

Finally, I have been delighted with the fantastic pieces of writing in literacy. The children have been working on mystery stories over the past few weeks and they are now at the stage to write their independent pieces!

Some children have also taken part in learning conversations with me about their stories so far, where we discussed my favourite sentences in their stories and sentences we agreed that could be improved further. Two children this week just needed support moving their sentences around so that their ideas flowed, another child needed support with adding some exciting vocabulary choices to their existing sentences and another child needed prompting on punctuation.

I look forward to reading their completed mystery stories next week.

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