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Feeling proud

Having spent most of this week reflecting on the quality of education at Unsworth I find I have been reminded about why we work with children and how rewarding that work can be. As you may have read, and perhaps been told by your children, we have had a number of visitors this week in our classes. It has been a delight to hear the opinions of other professionals about our work and our children.

A great school should always be evaluating its practice. We do that continually but we also need to look outside of our school for validation of our views. I have been working with five other Headteachers to create a system of peer review. On Tuesday this week, it was time for our review. Two of my headteacher colleagues visited the school for the day. They observed in classrooms, held discussions with pupils, staff and governors and looked at the pupils books. They also examined the environment in terms of displays and pupils’ work.

At the end of the day they delivered their verdict! They described it as a ‘joy’ to be in our classes. They said that ‘together we build understanding shines through’ and that the behaviour for learning of our children was ‘exemplary’. They were impressed by how welcoming and articulate our children are and how their ‘voice’ is evident throughout the school. On Wednesday, we took a group of teachers, who were on a training course at the school, on a learning walk. This is where you walk around the school and look at classrooms and the environment and describe the school’s philosophy when it comes to teaching and learning. Again, it was great to hear the positive feedback from our guests.

All of this happens because we never take our eyes of our core purpose. That is the happiness, safety and well being of our pupils and promoting learning to be the best it can be. It happens because the partnership with parents and carers is strong. The support children get at home and the support we get from parents means that children do well. We tell the children all of the time that we are proud of them and this week our visitors experienced just why that is!

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