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Meetings, Questions and Answers

Over the autumn term we have been working on lots of different things. Every half term we have a class council where we gather ideas from each of our classes to make our school a nicer place. Following the meetings we bring the books back to Mrs Channon and have a meeting together to discuss what we have got and where we need to go next. Each class has a council book so that every time someone has an idea it can be recorded in the book. Also there is an agenda which sets out what we need to talk about. Our meetings so far have been about considering how we can improve our school environment.

We asked for everyone to give us “The 6 most important things  that you would like the council to help with”. Each class had different ideas that were most important to them. As a group we tallied up all of the suggestions from each class and picked out which ones had the most tallies to form a top 6 for each class. The top answer from each class was:

  • Y3-Cloakroom
  • Y4-Borders around pipes in the cloakroom
  • Y5-Cloakrooms
  • Y6-Huff & Puff

In each class council we shared the top 6 ideas and asked everybody what could be done. Our next step is to try and put some of the ideas into practice.

During December we had a jolly jumper competition where we picked out winners from each class, which were then created into felt jumpers and sent to the Co-operative shop to go on the tree. Everyone got a prize  for the finished designs. Also, in our sessions we have an “Any Other Business” discussion where children can voice other problems or concerns. Next week we are going to update you on our latest campaign!

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