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Safety Comes First.

This morning we split into three groups, put on high visibility jackets and took a survey outside. One group went on Blackley Close, one group went to Chadderton and the other group went to Parr Lane. We looked to see what was happening with how people were parking their cars because sometimes the way cars park mean our route to get to school safely is compromised.   We looked for people who were on double lines, double parking, people reversing in the road, parking on the pavement, children getting out on the road and people parking their cars in front of drives.

On our survey sheets we collected tally marks to see how many people were doing these things. As we were working on our survey lots of people complimented us on what we were doing. One resident came and asked what we were doing and we explained about our survey. He responded by saying well done. Lots of people who were driving and spotted us carried on driving and did not stop on the yellow lines.

Next we are going to total up all of our tally marks, create a visual chart, create flyers to put out on the playground, write a letter to parents and encourage people to sign our charter.

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