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Sea serpents and chicks!

What an eventful week in Year 5.

We began the week with the arrival of the incubator and 10 eggs. Not expecting the eggs to hatch until Wednesday we had a lovely surprise at the end of Tuesday when one of the chicks appeared. By Wednesday morning we had a whole incubator full of yellow fluffy chicks.
We spent Thursday setting up the brood box and having fun handling the little delights. We weighed each of the chicks and will do so each day in order to monitor their growth over the next week.

We have also been gathering data over the last few weeks, linked to our PE and sustained running unit of work. The children have been keeping information linked to the number of laps they can run around a short circuit during 5 minutes. The children will monitor their own results and see if they can improve week on week.

In literacy, the children have been writing a mythical story with the support of a planning frame we constructed together. We focused on writing a good ending which sees all the problems created along the way being resolved. We even ended with a cliff hanger which left the reader thinking there might be another episode! The children will be planning there own mythical stories next week, including their own mythical beast which they created for homework.

Another area we need to return our focus to over the next few weeks will be multiplication and division. I left this aspect of learning for a few weeks because I wanted the children to spend some time on memorising their multiplication facts. It is vital that children are really secure with these facts, as next year there are proposed plans to introduce a multiplication test alongside the usual Maths SATs which your children will be doing. Please support your child in learning all of these facts.

Great week everyone

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