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A poetic end to the week!

On Thursday, 6 children from Y3 and Y4 were invited to attend an able writers day at a local school. We were joined by a few other schools in the area, alongside Manchester born poet, Tony Walsh.

The day was filled with hands on activities, group discussions and different approaches to teach poetry. The main theme that came through from the day was the importance of children finding their inner creativity and being adventurous with their vocabulary choices. I also enjoyed talking with Tony and the other teachers about their approaches to poetry.

On Friday, I gathered a few of the children who attended with me and asked them to capture the day in their own words;

We met Tony Walsh, also known as long fella. He taught us about kenning poems and acrostic poems. In the kenning poems we had to write a poem about ourselves but each line had to end in words ending ‘er’. He called us professors of poetry and we had to pretend we were masters at poetry. In the afternoon, we were talking about where poems live and we had to write about three things, stillness, beauty and silence. We even got a photo with Tony. The head master was really nice too. I would love to go again. Thank you Mrs McLaughlin for taking us!- Abigail

At the start of the day, Tony asked us to get in height order and birthday order to get our brains working. It was a brilliant day! We met a real poet and he made us think imaginatively! We also learnt about metaphors and how to use them. – Alfie

We went out for an able writers day and met children from other schools. We were there for the whole day writing poems with a man named Tony. We started with kenning poems and then moved onto feeling and places. We had to combine the words with each other and switch them over such as the garden of love and the dentist of doom. Some time after, we looked at acrostic poems and had to use our imagination to write our own. We could write silly things too. At the end we wrote a poem about someone we love, I chose my mum. -Lola

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Alfie had a brilliant day – he was really keen to tell me all about it afterwards and I was amused listening to some of his ideas for his poem about me! Thank you very much for taking him, it certainly sounds like great fun was had by all!

Thank you for yet another wonderful opportunity for our children. Lola was so proud (and excited) to be chosen to go along with you to represent the school that she loves so much. And to Lola, thank you for choosing to write a poem about me, I love you too, very much so, and am so very proud of everything that you do.
Louise (Lola’s mummy)

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