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Head Teachers Leading Assessment

I was lucky enough to be invited to attend the training session that Mrs Reynolds and Mr Rhodes were holding for 16 Bury Headteachers this morning in the new training room at school.  The focus of the session was “assessment”.  This morning’s session was the first of three and was very informative.  It was extremely well received by all participants and some very good feedback has already been received…..and best of all I got the opportunity to visit classrooms again and talk to the children.  During our visits to classrooms each group of Headteachers was “led” around the school extremely efficiently by five Year 4 children.  As in my last learning walk in November, all the children were extremely keen to speak to us, very well behaved, articulate and clearly enjoying the learning activities that they were participating in.  I particularly enjoyed playing with the “computerised” cars in Year 3;  myself and my Y3 “buddy” managed to get our car to travel halfway down the mat….quite an achievement we thought.  Thanks to all the children and staff for making us feel so welcome.  I am looking forward to session 2 in a couple of weeks [Sheila Gaskell, Vice Chair of Governors]

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