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Learning to be a good digital citizen!

This week year 2 spent some time reflecting on what the Internet is and how they use it. The children had lots of different ideas about what they thought the Internet was, such as:

  • “something that is in the clouds”
  • “a place to play games”
  • “something you connect your wifi to”
  • “a virtual place where you can find out information”

After our discussion about the Internet, we started to think about how we use it and the different ways we need to protect ourselves and other people. Year 2 read a variety of different scenarios and considered different options that they could choose. The children came to the conclusion that it was always a good idea to tell an adult about any problems on the Internet and that they should always make sure that anything they post considers other people.

I was very impressed with how year 2 talked about how what people post online can affect others and it was good to hear the children talk about how they could help their friends if they were having problems. The children were challenged at the end of the afternoon to compose their own Tweet and hash tag to share their thoughts on keeping safe and making the Internet a better place. Why not rad their tweets below and comment on what they have said!

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We have learnt that to stay safe you must never give out your personal details. To respect other people you must not put horrible things. I have learnt to go on the Internet respectfully. Only go on things you are allowed on #stay safe on the Internet

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