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A tearful end to the week!

Emotions were high in Y5 this week as we said goodbye to the chicks yesterday. The children had become attached to the little chicks. They really did enjoy caring for the chicks, cleaning the brooder box each day and ensuring they had clean water and food.  We were surprised with how rapidly the chicks were growing and the weight they gained each day.

On Thursday we let the chicks out of their brooder box and the children were delighted  watching them flap their wings and peck at the floor. But there were tears on Friday as we watched them being taken away.  The chickens have been taken to a farm in Bolton were they will remain.

On Wednesday the children showed off their amazing dancing skills.   I was impressed with the fantastic routine they have been working on over the last few weeks with the dance instructor.  There was movement across the space in different directions, set group formations and pair work.  Great coordination guys and I can’t wait to see the final performance next week.

In art the children have been looking at various ancient Egyptians artefacts and have been inspired the ornate pieces of craftwork.  They are creating their own canopic jars using modroc and paper  mache.  The finished designs will be on display in our very own Ancient Egyptian Museum which will be open very soon!


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