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We have had an exciting week since our return after half term. Three times each year we plan a ‘whole-school enquiry’ in which we develop a set of skills across every class. Our current enquiry is entitled ‘If you go down to the woods today..’ and focuses on developing mapping skills in geography. We have worked hard to plan some intriguing hunts and puzzles around the school and in the grounds.

The children have been using maps and plans and investigating how they help us to get about. It has been lovely to see their excitement and enthusiasm build across the week. You can follow our activities on Twitter or take a look at our special enquiry page by going to the curriculum tab on this website and following geography. We will further develop the enquiry next week.

On Thursday morning, we enjoyed seeing our Y1 children leading their class assembly. They have been working on a theme about being special and ‘being glad to be me.’ They wrote their own lines and spoke with confidence. They told us how they are different but how we should respect our differences and celebrate them. Well done, Y1, we were very proud of you!

On Friday, we held a training event in school for 17 primary school head teachers from schools all over Bury. We have designed this course to focus on assessment and to encourage schools to work together to develop their thinking when it comes to assessment. We spent time discussing the national picture but more importantly, we discussed what assessment looks like in the classroom.

In small groups, the head teachers visited our classes. They saw guided reading, PE, geography, mathematics and writing lessons. They considered how teachers and teaching assistants work with our children and assess what they can do. They were so impressed with the behaviour and attitudes to learning shown by our children. They noticed their independence and engagement with their learning. They were particularly impressed with our Y4 tour guides who directed them from class to class and who demonstrated such pride in their school.

We asked for some written feedback from our visitors and were very proud when somebody said the our school motto ‘Together We build Understanding’ is evident throughout our school and shines through in everything we do. Thank you to all of our children and to their adults who work so hard to give them such wonderful experiences.

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