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Field trips and hockey sticks

It has certainly been an eventful week. The week began with Year 5 going to Heaton Park to carry out fieldwork. Having worked out where we were on the map, our first task was to gather information about the human and physical features around the park. The children created their own symbols and key for the different aspects they had identified. We took photographs, sketched pictures of building and added details to our maps. We returned to school with lots of information, which we would be using for the next stage of our enquiry.

Why not find out more about our Geography enquiry which you can access through the curriculum page on the website. You can see a photo gallery of all the work carried out throughout the two weeks.

In literacy, we have been focusing on explanation text. We read and analysed a number of texts, comparing the layout and the features they included. The children enjoyed playing the “why do..” game which focused on using causal phrase to explain the answer for various questions. We had great fun trying to construct different answers and working out which phrases worked best.

On Thursday, the children enjoyed developing their hockey skills with the Qfirstsport coach, Miss Davies. We worked together to ‘squeeze the ball’, developed our skills to pass the ball to each other and scoring goals 1 on 1. Even I couldn’t resist and picked up the hockey stick and joined in with the games and fun! The children certainly enjoyed attacking me with their hockey sticks and trying to get the ball off me.

Over the last two weeks we have been focusing on multiplication methods and I was pleased to see the progress the different groups have made. The effort individual children have made to learn the multiplication facts has paid off and the improvement shows in the work produced. So well done guys. Next week we will begin work on fractions, another tricky unit of work!

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