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Head Teachers Leading Assessment (Session 2)

I’ve just spent another great morning at the second session of the Head Teachers Leading Assessment course led by Mrs Reynolds and Mr Rhodes.  The focus of the session was “assessment” and as a “starter” to get everyone moving around and talking to each other we had to write on a post-it note our “guilty pleasure” and then see if we could find someone in the room with a similar one. There were quite a few, like me, who enjoyed playing games on the iPad/computer…and, of course, chocolate featured on several!   Then it was down to the real work. I had been asked to explain to the participants how the Governing Body at Unsworth fulfils its role and how that role has changed over the last couple of years.  Everyone was really interested in the work that we have been doing and several of the Headteachers have taken one or two of our ideas and are going to try them in their school.  The second part of the morning focused on interviews with different groups in the school e.g the children, teachers, teaching assistants and the governors.  Mr Howarth, Mrs Channon and I were interviewed by 3 of the head teachers…..we’re getting used to this now!  All the participants were very impressed with what they heard during all the interviews and, like the last session, lots of very positive feedback has been received.  The participants are learning lots that they can potentially use back in their own schools.  Session 3 (the final session) follows in a few weeks.  [Sheila Gaskell, Vice Chair of Governors]

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