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Y3’s writing journey


Y3 have been following the writing route map for our current text type, adventure stories, for two weeks. The idea of this is to provide learning opportunities, both guided and independent, for the children to craft their own sentences and paragraphs, with an emphasis on settings, characters, the plot and an ending to a story. We also explore different vocabulary choices and look at how to structure our ideas. The children are able to practise different skills but also are given the opportunity to build up the stamina to write for a certain period of time. We arrived at ‘we write’ earlier this week.

On Wednesday I worked with two writing groups to discuss and devise the success criteria for their story writing. They made me feel extremely proud as they listed ideas we had covered over the previous weeks such as embedded clauses, prepositions, adverbs, a good balance of dialogue, a hook to open the story and an exciting ending that could possibly include a twist. I took away their ideas and created a success criteria table using ‘I can’ statements.

During the same lesson, I worked with another two writing groups to create a 5 part plan, following the structures of a story. We used imagery and video clips to inspire our ideas. The children came up with over 20 ideas for a setting for their stories and how this could be weaved into their own stories. I conducted learning conversations with each child to ensure they understood the key elements needed for their stories.

On Thursday, I returned to the first 2 groups of children to find out how they could use the table to ensure they will include all the points they had raised. They suggested that they could follow their plan to structure their story and tick off the statements if and when they used them.

We worked together looking at exciting ‘hooks’ to open a story, some from their favourite short stories. As a group we discussed how stories don’t always have to start with ‘One day’. They selected their favourite ideas and edited the sentences to best fit their story maps.

Y3 will now continue to write their stories independently. Take a look at their writing journals at the progress meetings this week to see how your child has started their story. 

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