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Becoming historians

This week year 2 have started work on their historical enquiry about famous people from the past. The children have developed their ability across year 2 to analyse what a source tells them and they have started to make their own suggestions from the evidence they can see or infer. At the start f the week the children were presented in pairs with a pictorial source and on each table each pair had a different source. As a pair they had a set of questions to answer using just the source. I always find it fascinating to see what the children pick out from the source and to hear the discussions that develop.

As a class we unpicked the findings and together identified that the pictures were two Victorian women called Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. The following day the children watched a short DVD clip where they were taken back in time to Scutari hospital. The children were amazed at what Victorian hospitals were like and wrote their own summaries about what conditions were like.

Within the classroom we always develop a role play area for the children to develop their thinking further. It is a space where children can act scenarios out and it allows them to develop their understanding of a subject further. Miss Hackett has created a Scutari hospital role play area and on Wednesday afternoon the children spent some time within the area exploring conditions and experiences for Victorian soldiers and nurses. Watch Y2’s trailer below to see what they got up to!



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