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Collaborative learning and problem solving

Another exciting and enjoyable week in Y3! This half term we have been joined by a coach called Dom from cricket asylum, who work alongside Bury Cricket Club. We had our first session on Tuesday where the children enjoyed playing simple bowling and catching games.

The children always really enjoy any form of competition during our PE lessons and so far our lessons have been full of competition, collaboration and cooperative activities. Our upcoming cricket sessions over the next 6 weeks look like they are going to be exactly the same!

In maths this term, the children have started to access reasoning and problem based activities. We worked through 1 and 2 step problems in pairs and talked through each problem as a group. In general, we found out that there are sometimes different ways to get to an answer by showing different methods or calculations. Our discussions really helped the children to verbalise their learning and to hear from others how they can solve a problem they had previously struggled with.

Keep on learning your x3, x4 and x8 times tables, we are improving week by week, great work!

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