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Victorian societies

Over the next two weeks, we will complete our learning about Victorian societies, workhouses and schools. This week we will be using the following links in class to support our learning, so you might want to have a look at them at home too. Click here to find out about Victorian schools and the punishments that were in place. Click here to find out about the rich and poor families. Finally, click here to find out about the different jobs the children had to do.

This week, we have started to read a variety of diaries from the past. We have been discussing the way they are set out on the page, the tense they have been written in and the way the authors explain their feelings using descriptive language. The children will continue to follow the writing route map over the next few weeks to craft pieces of writing to help them write their independent diary entry from the perspective of a Victorian child. If you have any examples of diary writing at home that you would like to share then bring them into school.

We look forward to seeing you at our class assembly this week on Thursday 14th April at 9:10am, where we will showcase our learning about Victorian workhouses.


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