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Rocks, cricket skills and information texts

Year 3 have had a great start to our striking and fielding unit of work in PE. They have been learning about different fielding and batting skills and have started to play some simple games of cricket. They have enjoyed working alongside Dom our cricket coach from Cricket Asylum. Dom has been really impressed with the children’s listening skills during the lessons and their enthusiasm towards the game.

In literacy we have started a new text type, information texts. The children have been reading a selection of information texts and posters to identify the structure and layout. They have also been working hard to identify the different way sentences can vary such as the way it may start or whether the sentence is a short, snappy sentence or a more detailed expanded sentence. With this in mind, the children have worked with Mrs Crowe and I to craft informative sentences and paragraphs of their own.

At the end of the week the children created a plan using headings and bullet points, based on their understanding of the Victorians. Today they started to turn their notes into full sentences, thinking about what they have learnt so far.

In maths, the children are really being challenged! They have been developing their reasoning and problem solving skills by completing a variety of number or shape/measure related problems. I have been having learning conversations with different groups of children to help them verbalise their learning and explain their working out.

Finally, we have now kick started our new geography enquiry based on Mainland Orkney. The children have brought a piece of homework home based on this area of learning, focusing on tourism on the island. In science, the children are really enjoying learning about how fossils are formed. Over the next couple of weeks, they will be experimenting with and sorting a selection of different rocks and soils.

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