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Walk Once a Week (WoW)

This term we are working with the ‘I Will if You Will’ team of Bury to look at ways of keeping healthy and active both at school and in the community.

On Monday 16th May we launch our exciting new campaign to encourage both children and their parents and carers to walk to school at least once a week.

The WoW Scheme

Living Streets Walk once a Week (WoW) scheme is an incentive based initiative encouraging primary school children and their families to walk to school.

The concept is simple – children walking at least once a week are rewarded with a monthly collectable badge based on the theme of ‘Our Healthy Planet.’ Children can then download a walk to school app to bring the WoW badges to life via 3D content. You can download the app by searching ‘walk to school’ within the App Store or Google Play.

Even if you live too far away or don’t have time to walk the whole way to school, all children can participate in WoW by walking at least 5-10 minutes to school. Simply get off the bus a stop earlier or park a bit further away and walk the rest – just once a week.



Why take part?

The benefits of walking to school are wide ranging, including:

ECO-FRIENDLY: it’s a cost-effective and fun way for everyone to do their bit for the environment.

SAFETY: not only is it a perfect time for children to learn important road safety skills, but more walking to school means fewer cars crowding the school gates.

HEALTHY BODY:  the walk to school provides regular exercise to help children stay fit and healthy and makes them more alert and ready to learn.

HIDDEN TREASURES: walking to school can help pupils build up confidence and independence and develop their knowledge of the local community.

FUN AND SOCIAL: it’s an ideal time for children and their families.


Each day in class we will record how children have travelled to school and badges will be given out at the end of each month.

For more information on the Walk to school campaign visit

We hope you enjoy walking to school this term.

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