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What a trip!

Year 2 visited Martin Mere today to find out more about different habitats. When the children arrived they explored pond habitats in the raised pond beds and then walked up to Plum wood to find out all about woodland habitats. It was great to see the children exploring the different habitats and finding different animals to look at. Bobby even discovered a toad in the woods, which got lots of gasps! After lunch the children let off some steam in the play area and then went off on an hour walk around the wetland paths. During their exploration of the Mere the children experienced the “Wild Walk”, stepping stones and Weird but Wonderful bird zone. All of the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were a credit to the school. Have a look at our trailer below to see our trip brought to life or clickMartin Mereto find out more  about Martin Mere!

32 replies on “What a trip!”

On the trip my favourite bird has a long thin black beak I loved finding the toadI loved the Ducks eating out my hand. I love Martin mere so much

I like feeding the ducks and flimingos seed. I think Martin mere is the best place in the world because it has a lot of animals.⚽️⚽️

Martinmere is full of birds it tickled when the birds ate off my hand. I loved Martin mere even though I was nervous at first because of all the birds. We found a long balancing beam and Bobby even found a toad!

I enjoyed Martin Mere because it is the best plase in the world. Martin Mere is fun because the ducks follow you!

I had a great time at Martin Mere because there were big birds and little birds. Some were following us. I even found a toad in Plum Wood!

I had a great time at Martinmere because their were big birds and little birds some were following us

It was brilliant the play area was awesome! I can not believe the slide and the zipline! They were really good. We saw some really weird but cool birds. At first I was nervous letting the ducks eat the seeds off my hand, but it was really fun and it tickled a lot!

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