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Painting and performing

Y3 have had an eventful week filled with dancing, singing, painting, writing and map reading!

On Monday the children joined the rest of the school for a special Olympic themed assembly. It was here that they first heard that their chosen value was to be excellence!

We discussed the meaning of the word excellence with ideas including ‘trying your best not always being the best’. With this in mind, the children created acrostic poems to personally explain the meaning of this value. They performed their poems and, as a class, we created a final poem.

The children also wanted to share their own personal talents and skills . We have some extremely talented people in Y3 with performances including singing, karate, horse riding, reading, gymnastics and acrobatics!

Finally the children wanted to showcase the idea of reaching and achieving your personal best. I shared a few song choices with the class and they chose the song ‘Reach!’ We practised dance moves and learnt the words ready for their performance next week!

On Tuesday the children visited Philips Park for an exciting morning of orienteering. We split into 4 groups with a map and a route to follow. They thoroughly enjoyed exploring the woods and tracks to locate different letters on posts and finished the morning on the adventure playground.

Next week the children also have a visit to Lark Hill museum in Salford to look forward to where they will get to experience first hand what it was like to live like a Victorian child.

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