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Y3 step back in time!

Y3 were greeted by our friendly tour guide Gemma today at Salford Museum. Gemma asked the children to share what they had already learnt about the Victorians and she was very impressed with their enthusiasm and the interesting facts they had to share.

Next Gemma shared some very interesting Victorian household artefacts with the children, but, to make it more interesting, they had to work together as time detectives to work out what the objects might have been used for. We all gathered back together with the different objects from around the room to share our ideas, some very humorous ideas too! Gemma talked through and even modelled some of the objects on the children.

We were then told that we had to explore the Victorian street to find the different objects. The children peeked in shop windows, explored the different buildings and popped their heads through door ways to search for the different objects. Some children even chose to dress up to fully get into character!

Finally we spent the afternoon looking at some Victorian art work, in particular a piece of art work by Geo Hayes of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert arriving at Peel Park. The children were excited to share their knowledge of Queen Victoria!

Y3 had to then become artists themselves to recreate the famous painting. They worked together to sketch and design a different part. Finally, Gemma helped the children put their images together to make a huge recreation of the painting. The children were extremely proud of their work and have brought it back to school to share with others.

Gemma waved the children off and thanked them for working hard and listening so well. She told them that she had had a great day with them!
Well done Y3, I felt extremely proud of you all from start to finish, what a lovely day!

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