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Another busy week in year 4

We have covered a range of topics this week in our learning.

In maths we have focused on subtraction. They children have developed their knowledge of what exactly the equals sign means and the term ‘exchanging’. Questions have included 5427- 1672 etc. A question that initially got the children thinking was 20 + 10 = ____ – 10.  A lot of the children make the common misconception of putting the answer of 30, when it should’ve been 40.


In literacy, the children have created excellent explanation texts in their writing journals. The children have clearly listened and have produced very good pieces of work. Next, we will be focussing on writing stories with a historical context. These stories should be full of description and dialogue.

Other subjects we have covered this week were: producing texture in art, finding out who the Celts were in history, working on dribbling, passing and shooting skills in P.E, programming using scratch in computing, deciding which animals are carnivores, herbivores and omnivores based on their teeth and plenty of guided reading and spelling. The children work hard in every lesson.

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