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Getthing into the Groove!

The whole class have made a good start to Year Six and  are proving to be a lovely, really helpful bunch!  Various jobs have been handed out and the children have also chosen the days they would like to help out at lunchtime, in the Huff and Puff Shed.  They are looking forward to starting this next week.

The children were asked earlier in the week, about the things they might need to do to stay ‘Good to be Green’ each week.  They gave me lots of ideas and actually came up with every single thing, which was on my list!  I was very impressed.

We have also done some work this week on thinking about the good habits that help us to make the most of our learning opportunities.  . Being organised with homework tasks is an important part of this and all children brought home their mathematics booklet  this week as well as their learning log.  Reading regularly is one of the other ‘good habits’ we identified and discussed the idea that a person who reads can live a thousand lives whereas the person, who never reads only lives one!

The class all wrote me lovely letters this week where they shared interesting things about themeselves and some of their hopes for the year.  Hopefully our  brains are all now warmed up after our first week and we are truly into the Year Six Groove  ( trying our best, learning lots and having fun).  We will certainly be having fun next  Friday when we spend the day visiting Stockport as evacuees!

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