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I always look forward to the start of a new term, thinking about all the exciting opportunities and events the new school year will bring. One of the most enjoyable activities I like to engage in during the holidays is to look for new resources, particularly songs for the children to perform either in class, Big Sing or Choral group. Mr Geelan has often commented ‘Why are we listening to Christmas songs during August?’ I like to be well planned so when a festival or celebration is upon us I have the necessary repertoire for the children to learn and enjoy.

I will continue this academic year to visit Unsworth every Tuesday, leading the whole school singing assembly and working with individual classes. Year 2 will be learning to play the Ocarina and Year 3 the recorder.  I will be responsible for the Year 5 Brass Wider Opportunities project across the year.  In the past we have many problems with the maintenance of these instruments.  If a problem does occur, please parents do not be tempted to fix the instruments yourselves.  We have an expert on instrument repairs who has the necessary tools and appliances to do the job!  Please encourage your children to practise their instruments, the sound may not be too pleasant initially but that’s all part of the learning process.

Choral group begin rehearsals in the next couple of weeks and you will receive additional information about this activity. Fiddler Music will continue to visit school on a Tuesday afternoon, so please remember your guitars and ukuleles. It is great to see we have some new recruits this year who have been added to the list. Bury Music Service are also willing to provide tuition if there are additional instruments your child may like to learn. Please visit the school office where information can be obtained.

The Bury Young Voices choir directed by myself is an out of school activity, however children from Unsworth Y5 and above are welcome to join, if they have an avid interest in singing. We meet every Tuesday at the Derby High School Inspire Theatre at 4 45- 5 45pm (Price £1 per session)

We want your children to enjoy music at school, so if you have any questions or queries, please pop in and have a chat.



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