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Welcome Squishy!


Year 4 have a new member in their class!

Today, we welcomed a new member to our class. After a class vote, it was decided to name the teddy ‘Squishy’. A child will be selected each week and they will take the teddy home along with a book. I am looking forward to seeing the adventures that Squishy goes on. It is privileged to be a part of our wonderful Year 4 class!

Besides this, year 4 have been working incredibly hard again this week solving tricky addition and subtraction problems, researching the Romans, describing characters in their writing, and creating food chains in science, amongst other things.

Additionally, year 4 have voted for their school council representatives. ¬†Each child voted for 1 boy and 1 girl after the candidates each gave an excellent speech demonstrating why they would be good at being a school councillor. The results are in but will be revealed next week…


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It’s always lovely to welcome a new member to our school community! How lucky is Squishy to be part of our wonderful Y4 class!

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