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Amazing animals!

We have been working really hard last week on our ‘Amazing Animals’ enquiry. So far we have thought about animals similarities and differences. We have grouped animals according to these, the chidlren came up with some fantastic ideas. This week we will be looking a bit closer at animals and describing their basic structure. We will also think about whether they are a mammal, reptile, amphibian or fish, we will include pets in our thinking too. We have made some fabulous animal sculptures using play dough and used tools to mould and shape all the parts of the animals. This week we will investigate sculpture further by using clay to create animal sculptures.  In writing we have been thinking of lots of adjectives to describe animals and making word banks to help us create acrostic poems, the chidlren have found this challenging but fun! This week the chidlren will apply their own ideas to their poems and plan and write their own animal acrostic poems. Don’t forget tomorrow we have our photographer in school. I look forward to seeing you all for progress evening this week.

Many thanks

Miss Dooley

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