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Canada, Christmas and Keeping Calm

Well we will be starting on acting rehearsals for our production of ‘Sleeping Beauty – the Ugly Truth’ next week.  The stage is up and it’s time for Y6 to start treading the boards and to add dramatic flair to those lines, which they have been hopefully learning.  There children took home ideas for costumes on Friday and should have shared these with you.  A number of the children had clearly already thought about their part and were quite organised with what they are planning to wear.  If anyone has any issues or problems with costumes, please let us know we have a limited supply of outfits in school but we will be able to arrange something.  Staff are also known to collect items out of their own or families wardrobes if needed!   Costumes need to be in for the 8th December as all the juniors will be getting together for their Dress Rehearsal.

In class we have started our new geography topic about Canada and the children had good fun carrying out a memory mapping activity to draw and label the continent of North America.  They have also shared some interesting ideas for things that they would like to find out and also shared some interesting facts that they already know about the country.  I would also like to thank all the children and family members who sent in items for our class display linked to our last topic about the  Battle of Britain.  Any items that the children send in linked to our topics are always appreciated.

In our PATHS lessons, over the past couple of weeks we have been looking at ways to keep calm and thinking about problem solving.  We have been exploring why it is important to take time to calm down and think about a plan before acting when we feel upset or stressed rather than losing our temper.  Next week, we will consider how our bodies react when we feel upset and ways to keep calm, including practising breathing techniques. 

Last week, in literacy the children have been working hard to produce extended pieces of writing on their individual biographies and portraits of their chosen people.  We have had a wide selection of people including grandads, uncles, famous actors, singers and You Tube sensations to name a few.   The finished work will make an excellent display along our Junior corridor.  

Within maths, the class have been working on developing formal, efficient methods for multiplication and division.  It is really important to have a good grasp of multiplication and division facts for this if they are to be confident and accurate when working independently.  The class will be looking at a maths website this week , which is full of maths games for across the curriculum and is a great resource to access at home to support and reinforce learning from class.  Maths homework slips will be handed out this week as well explaining this further. 

As I hope you can see the Year Six classroom is an interesting and busy place to be!



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