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Our week so far

Year 1 have had a busy week so far this week, We have been using our subtraction skills to do lots of problem solving in many different ways such as spotting the odd one out from a group of number sentences. Finding change from 10p and 20p and playing a dice rolling game, the chidlren have had lots of fun so far! In literacy we have started to look at instructions, we will continue to look at these and will be making sandwiches and chocolate crispy cakes to help us with our learning about instructions!

We have continued to look at animals in our enquiry work this week, we have been discussing what different animals eat and sorting them under the headings omnivore, herbivore and carnivore. The chidlren have really enjoyed learning about animals and their features and different groups.

We have been working really hard on practising our Christmas songs for the concert, don’t forget our dress rehearsal is next Friday 2nd December, please send in your child’s outfit in a named carrier bag before then. I look forward to seeing you all at our concert!

Well done Year 1!



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