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Values enquiry afternoon

Last Friday the children had a great time moving around all the infant classrooms to carry out an activity linked to each of our school values, they had great fun playing games such as truth or lie, making happy face biscuits and lots more! I am really impressed with the homework they have brought back this week linked to the values, it is clear to see they have learnt a lot about our values through our enquiry work.

This week we have thought about our amazing animals work, where we have been learning about groups of animals and naming them such as mammals, amphibians, reptiles, fish, birds and insects. We have been looking at the difference between them all and some similarities.

We have also been completing our independent reports on animals, the children are just in the process of redrafting them to go on our wall display. Well done Year 1, you have worked hard all week, we are very impressed!

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