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Great start back Year Six!

Well Year Six have made a great start to the spring term.  It has been great to see so many children feeling confident and happy to share their knowledge of fraction equivalences; they have clearly been working on learning those facts.  Thank you.  Learning number facts is key to confidence and achieving within mathematics.  These facts have really helped the children this week as we have begun to move onto comparing, converting and adding some fractions.  Some children have also moved onto multiplying them as well. 

This week our class was also presented with an attendance certificate as we had the highest attendance in December! The certificate is displayed with pride on our classroom door.  We have all agreed to try to win it again this month and are hoping for a healthy 2017. 

In Literacy, we are continuing to work on creating warning stories and to explore how writers create suspense in stories. Part of this has involved carefully looking at the different types of words that writers use.  The class have been asked to think about this also when they  are choosing books to read independently at home.   This week, the class have also been experimenting with an app called ‘Explain Everything’, which they have used to explain a suspense scenario.  As well as being good fun ( especially when recording sound such as creaking doors) it really reinforces our learning in literacy.

The class have also been working on improving fitness levels in our dance topic of 1960’s steps such as : the swim, the twist and the mashed potato.  We will also be looking at: the funky chicken, the monkey, the pony and shaking our tail feathers. Eventually, the children will create their own dance inspired by 1960’s dance steps.  Over the next few weeks, different children will have the opportunity to lead our warm ups at the beginning of the session.  I had a number of volunteers keen to create something to share and  I am excited to see how they get on………

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