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E-Warrior Emoji Challenge

E-Warrior Emoji Challenge

Over the last two weeks our E-Warrior team have been preparing in their classes for the emoji challenge ready for Safer Internet Day 2017. The E-Warriors were challenged to ask their class to prepare emoji messages for emoji charades to share with the rest of the school in assembly. They were given their brief and then they had to introduce it to their class teacher and decide what to do. Find out in their comments below what they did within their class and check out our Twitter feed to see some of their work!

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  1. Jason Carter

    Great work E-warrior team, the internet can be a scary place and it is important to be safe, well done.

  2. Mrs Reynolds

    We are very proud of you,E-warrior team! The children in your classes have listened to your advice and our e-safety display shows some creative and important messages!
    Well done!

  3. When you have an oh -no feeling tell a adult you trust and they will sort it for you!!!!!!!!!

  4. In our class we follow Sid ,s top tips.

  5. I know that you don’t share your personal information and when you get butterflies in your tummy you tell an adult you trust!

  6. I was very proud of them because they were working hard!

    • Lianne Williams

      Great work, it looks like everyone did really well. Brilliant

  7. I think our class did very well!! Our class have been leaning about e-safety and when I look at our display it makes me very happy.We went on Trello and everyone posted a sentence about e-safety (what we learnt).We did a assembly and our digital leaders from each class shared what there class did.We did a hola hoop put yellow paper on it and made emojis and stuck them on.We even made messages

  8. Our class have learnt about e-safety on safer internet day we all did fun things to do with e-safety so we went on Trello and learnt how to use it after that we put a message and photos of SID aka safer internet day. When we all made our emojis we got a yellow hoopla hoop and yellow card and put it on the hoolahoop and stuck all of the emojis on the hoola hoop and put a message in the middle it is (year 4 say be safe online)

  9. They were pleased with what we said.This was a great example to show the rest of the school.This has taught them different skills on technology.You should never share personal information on the internet.They listened what we said and did it correctly.

  10. When we told the class they were quite happy that they had a task to do. We did it the next day in the morning. I think they did really good and seeing their work on display makes me happy. Year 4 now know what emoji messages are. People know they need to stay safe by only going on websites that come from a trusted person.

  11. On safer internet day my class had to create messages ready so it can tell
    People all about how to stay safe online.The three digital leaders in my class had to get up and go to the front of the hall to explain what are class have done for safer internet day.I think my class enjoyed like me as well.This was a tricky task.

  12. I think my class did very well because it was a tricky task because making up your own sentence with pictures and how to stay safe online can be hard. Also the three digital leaders helps as well it was really fun.

  13. My class did well. They know not to talk to strangers. I enjoyed doing the activity.

    • It has been very informative and
      fun learning about all the do’s and don’ts
      for staying safe and happy online.
      Loved your emoji poster about not
      talking to strangers.

  14. I think my class did well on the e emoji task because they came up with their own ideas for emoji messages. Also I think class 3learnt how to be safe online and be kind online. Like don’t be rude and but mean comments. So be kind online. This is some of the messages that class 3 made snap happy,snap safe,surf safe and think before you click.

  15. I think my class have picked good emojis for safer internet day. They have learnt to be safe by keeping their personal information safe. They have learnt not to say bad things online.

    • Stacey Wilde

      What a great class representative you are! Your class have obviously picked out some of the important points about staying safe online. We’ll done, great comment MT.

    • Anonymous

      What a great class representative you are! You have obviously listened to your classmates and picked out some of the important points about staying safe online. What a great eWarrier representative. Great comment MR!

  16. I felt happy to do the emoji challenge I also felt proud of my class they have also learnt how to be safe and happier on the internet. It looked like they had good fun they also learnt that you should always tell an adult when you feel uncomfortable.

  17. I was really proud of the class for making their emojis and I think the class now know that you shouldn’t give people a password or email address.

  18. Over the past week or two we have been focusing on safer internet day and how to be safe on a the internet. Each class were given a task to make up a message using emojis we had two weeks to complete the task. In assembly the e-warriors out of each class stood at the front and the rest of the school had to try and guess the messages. Our message was .I am proud of my class because they produced a great piece of work within the time they had.I have learnt that you can’t always trust people you meet on the internet and there are a lot of inappropriate and mean messages or photos on the internet and on social media.

  19. In our class year6 we created an emoji message using drawings then added colour with paint. Our message was be happy, be honest, be safe, be you. Then in our safer internet day assembly we showed our messages as well as the other classes. The people in class now understand what is safe to do online and what not safe to do. This makes me proud that my class and I created an amazing message but also something bright and colourful and nice to look at.

  20. Over the past two weeks, our class has been creating some emojis for Safer Internet Day to create a message about staying safe on the internet. On the 7th February, we had to get up in assembly and show our message that we created to the whole school. The school tried to guess it but they didn’t succeed! Our message was: ( Be happy, Be honest, Be safe, Be you). There was different types of emojis showing different messages about being safe on technology and on the Internet.

  21. In year 6 the e-warriors have been busy doing emojis about safer internet day. All the classes showed their pictures in assembly all the people in the hall had to try to guess. In our class they now know how to be safe on the internet. Here is the message we have done.

    • You and your brother have been telling me all about Internet safety. You have obviously learnt a lot. Super 🙂

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