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Enquiry fun!

This week we are thinking about all our learning over the past few weeks in our history enquiry about seaside holidays and will be creating models in groups to represent our learning. We will also be sharing our learning with you at our class assembly next Thursday! We are all very excited! In our science enquiry we have been learning  about the enchanted woodlands, this week we are thinking about the different parts of a plant and will observe plants closely using magnifying glasses. Next week we will work together to plan our science investigation around plants. For our independent writing we will be applying all of our learning from the past few weeks and writing our own recounts about a trip to the seaside. These will be displayed in the classroom on our writing showcase wall when we have finished! In maths we have started to look at the fraction half in many different  ways such as objects, amounts and shapes and will move onto finding a quarter too. We look forward to seeing you all at our class assembly next week! 


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