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Parent Hub Communication App

We are always looking at ways to develop our communications with parents further and during our recent parent survey most parents felt that the texting service was a valuable way of getting up to date information about what is happening in school. There are some limitations to the service, such as the fact that within the text message we are unable to add direct attachments or images and we are limited to the amount of characters we can add to a text message.

Recently our School Management Information System where we store all our pupil data and contact details has joined with “Parent Hub” which is a communications app for parents. The app hosts a messaging service for schools which allows attachments and pictures to be linked with messages, offers no limit on the length of messages and also links to our school Twitter feed. The benefit of this app is that it is completely free both for parents and for us as a school. The text message service does cost us a large amount as a school and in terms of the admin time it takes to update details each year and as changes are made.

As the app is linked to our Management Information System, the updating of details would happen automatically and as a school we could save a large sum of money whilst also providing a more advanced messaging service, which would allow us to streamline communications between school and home. We would like to trial the “Parent Hub” app and get your feedback about it. Our aim is to get parents to sign up to the app across the summer term so that we can start to send messages through it, with the aim being that across the autumn term all our messaging goes through the app so that we can make a decision at the end of the autumn term about which messaging system is most effective .

It is really simple to set up the app on any kind of phone. If you click here you can  download a poster about how to join the app and once you enter your phone number, it will let us know that you have signed up. The best way to join is by downloading the Parent Hub app (the white app). If you want to know more about the app, do visit the Parent Hub website by clicking here or arrange to speak to Mr Rhodes about it.

We feel that this is a great opportunity for us to develop our communication system further. 

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