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The new school year has begun

Well Year Six have begun to get into the swing of things this week, with their first full week. They have all been given jobs of responsiblity around school and are now eagerly awaiting meeting their ‘Reception Buddy’.

Our first writing unit of the year has begun and we have started to read a selection of biographies this week, about Usain Bolt, Martin Luther King and of course Roald Dahl ( it was his birthday on Wednesday after all). The class have been set their first homework task, which is to find out some facts about someone who has or has had an interesting life.

We have also begun our Battle of Britain topic as well as our science topic where we will begin to learn more about micro-organisms. The class have also had their first session with a gymnastics coach and lots of stretching and balancing was done by all.

On Thursday, the class worked with a partner checking the spellings that they had been learning over the past week. I was impressed with how organised the children were with their home spelling books and how well they did.

There was of course a great finish to the end of the week with the children being ‘evacuated’ to the safety of Stockport with Mrs Darby. Pictures to follow in a future blog………..

Next year, there is lots to look forward to. Of course there is the trip to Robin Wood for many of our Y6 pupils, with Mrs Ali, Mr Garside and Mr Evans and as well we will be working on our DT food skills, by preparing some war time inspired potato scones, salads and mashed potato sandwich spreads! The children will be able to wear their costumes again on Tuesday if they wish as we prepare our War time ‘feast’ and have a ‘ 1940’s Tea Party’ on Tuesday afternoon.

Year Six is definitely a fun, busy place to be!

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The start of year 6 has been great so far. I am really looking forward to meet my buddy and looking after them. I am also looking forward to getting an acting role in the Christmas play. It will be so fun! Thank you Miss. Sinclair for being an amazing teacher!

I am glad you are enjoying it. Year 6 is a great year – filled with hard work but lots of opportunities to have fun and do lots of different things! I think I might have found our Christmas play for this year as well……

I am glad you are enjoying it and have settled in well. Year 6 is a great class to be – filled with hard work, lots of learning but also opportunities to get involved with lots of different things. I think I have found our Christmas play for this year as well…..

I love year 6 so far, I’m so excited to meet my buddy. I am also looking for to year 6 because u get to do the Christmas play which will be so fun! Thanks you Miss. Sinclair for being an amazing teacher so far.

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