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Staff List

Staff List

Headteacher – Mrs C Reynolds

Deputy Headteacher – Mr A Rhodes


School Business Manager – Mr C Vidler

Administrator – Mrs A Hutchinson

Receptionist – Mrs C Ahmad



Year R

Class Teachers – Miss M Ashton (Mon-Thur) Mrs J Rhodes (Fri)

Teaching Assistants – Mrs T Leak, Mrs K Sherlock, Miss J Nance, Mrs J Cunningham & Mrs H Hesketh.


Year 1

Class Teacher – Miss A Dooley

Teaching Assistants – Miss J Costin, Miss H Crowe, Mrs S Crompton, Mrs H Hesketh, Mrs P Hackett & Miss N O’Gorman 


Year 2

Class Teacher – Miss D Robinson

Teaching Assistants – Mrs C Chappell, Mrs S Channon, Miss J Costin, Miss N O’Gorman & Miss A Rohan 


Year 3  

Class Teacher – Mrs E Druce & Mrs R McLoughlin

Teaching Assistants – Mrs M Bevan, Mrs J Ellicott, Mr M Evans, Mrs M Gooding, Mrs P Hackett, Mrs L Howarth, Miss E Lloyd & Miss A Rohan


Year 4

Class Teacher – Mr M Garside

Teaching Assistants – Mr M Evans, Mrs H Crowe & Mrs L Howarth


Year 5

Class Teacher – Mrs T Ali

Teaching Assistants –Mrs M Bevan, Miss H Baig, Mrs P Hackett


Year 6  

Class Teacher – Miss W Sinclair

Teaching Assistants – Mrs C Chappell, Mrs S Crompton & Mrs J Ellicott


Speech and Language Resourced Provision  

Teachers – Mrs C Canning (Mon-Wed) & Mrs G Eisen (Wed-Fri)

Teaching Assistants– Mrs S Crompton, Mrs C Chappell, Mrs P Hackett & Mrs S Channon


French Teacher (Y3-Y6) -Mrs J Jackson

Teacher covering PPA & Leadership time (Y5 & 6) – Mrs J Darby

Specialist SEN Teacher – Mrs H Dodd

Specialist Music Teacher – Mrs K Geelan (Tuesday)


Higher Level Teaching Assistants covering PPA time – Mrs S Channon & Mrs K Sherlock


Parent Support Advisor – Mrs S Channon


Kitchen Supervisor – Mrs L Kay

Kitchen Assistants – Mrs S Hayes


Midday Supervisors

Mrs L Howarth, Mrs M Fallows, Mrs S Lloyd, Mrs R Kay, Mrs M Grayson & Miss L Clegg.


Site Manager – Mrs L Leonard

Cleaners – Miss V Mycock & Miss V Smith

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