Collaborative learning and problem solving

Another exciting and enjoyable week in Y3! This half term we have been joined by a coach called Dom from cricket asylum, who work alongside Bury Cricket Club. We had our first session on Tuesday where the children enjoyed playing simple bowling and catching games. The children always really enjoy any form of competition during […]

Sports Relief 2016

  On Friday 18th March, each class took part in a sponsored race outside. The children were given a time limit to complete the events as a class. Events included skipping, press ups, hula hooping, bench presses, sit ups and ladder jumps! Music was also played to keep the children motivated. Some children even managed […]

The Sports Crew so far…

In February, a few Y5 and Y6 children have been planning and creating a new sports crew available to Y3’s. Sports like Netball, Football and some invasion games have been taught over the past 4 weeks. This club was created to give some of the younger children a chance to play different sports after school. […]