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Greek pottery

Y3 have been getting creative by designing and painting their individual Greek pots this week. As part of the art progression route map, we started by sharing some examples of the end product and discussed how we were going to achieve it. Next the children looked at various images and video clips of Ancient Greek pots. As our conversations started to unfold, the children noticed that not all Greek pots were the same shape and size.

They identified the three main types of pot, the ”Amphora’, ‘Krater’ and the ‘Hydria’. After playing an online game to create different designs, they found out that each pot had a different purpose including storing water and mixing wine with water.  Each child chose their favourite style of Greek pot and used this as inspiration for their own upcoming designs. Some children continued with their online designs at home and even brought in some extra work they had printed off!

Greek pottery often represented the Greek civilian’s daily life or often displayed different scenes to show what would have been going on during that period of time. Ideas included sporting scenes from the Olympic Games, hunting scenes for food and even marriage ceremonies. Repeating patterns around the neck and base of the pot were also extremely popular.

With this in mind, the children sketched 4 designs, incorporating the ideas from the images and video clips. Finally they chose one final design which they painted last week. Each group experimented by mixing their own shade of orange for their pot using a mixture of primary and secondary colours.

The children are really enjoying learning about how the Greeks have impacted on the present day. In particular, by comparing the Ancient Greek Olympics to the Modern day games. I have also enjoyed reading the children’s homework so far based on the Olympics and I look forward to reading even more pieces this week.
Well done Y3!

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Have you got what it takes to play basketball?

This morning the children were surprised with an unexpected basketball themed assembly! Danny, a coach from Philips High school in Whitefield, came in to meet with the children to share some information about the netball and basketball teams and clubs which take place each week on a Saturday morning.

Danny invited different children from each year group to the front of the hall to demonstrate different ball skills, including a few tricky basketball techniques! He also spotted a few basketball experts who already attend his weekly club!

Tonight, the children who were interested in the club, have taken home a leaflet with all the details. If your child is interested in joining any of the basketball or netball clubs, which range from age 5-11, please send in the leaflet signed no later than Tuesday 1st December.

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Sharing ideas, sport and spelling!

Last week Y3 completed their independent story writing based on Nat Fantastic and have now turned their attention to poetry!

Today, I shared what the children will be creating over the next few weeks and posed the question ‘What is poetry?’ Their ideas included ‘writing that rhymes’, ‘words that include a rhythm’ and ‘poems are often funny!’ I have displayed the children’s ideas on our literacy wall so that we can refer back to them during the week to see if their ideas were in fact correct. They finished the lesson by reading a selection of poems based on a variety of topics such as animals, food, school and sport! We finished by performing a few of our favourites! The children are now looking forward to tomorrow where they will identify the purpose, audience, language and layout of a new selection of interesting poems.

In PE this half term, the children have really enjoyed taking part in different invasion games. Every Tuesday afternoon, Connor from QFirst sports works with them on basic skills needed for invasion games. The children have now started to play a few small competitive games in groups. Tomorrow, the children will learn a new game which they can play at lunchtimes using the huff and puff equipment. Very exciting!

Finally, I would like to share how impressed I have been with the children’s attitude towards their spelling choices in their work. Not only are they checking their spelling mistakes with a dictionary, they are applying new words, that have been taught during our everyday spelling sessions, to their everyday learning! After working with small groups over the last few weeks, every child in the class can read a minimum of 45/50 of the Y3 key words, I am extremely proud! Keep up the super work Y3, you impress me every single day!

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Paragraphing and pens!

Y3 have had an exciting first week back!  We kicked started the half term by writing our independent superhero adventure stories. Before the half term break, we spent time looking at the importance of paragraphing and also paid close attention to setting and character descriptions.

With this in mind, each group created success criteria based on the question ‘what makes a good adventure story?’ Ideas included plenty of action, use of adjectives, dialogue and possible including a twist at the end!

On Monday, each group will look back over their stories and will look at ways to improve one part of their story. This redrafting part of the writing process has proved very important with the children. It allows them to identify their own spelling and grammar mistakes and discuss their errors with their shoulder partners. It is important that they see redrafting and editing as an integral part of the writing journey.

The children are also extremely excited to hear who will receive their pen licence this upcoming week.
Every day the children have been striving to improve their handwriting and have followed feedback and tips to help them improve their letter formation, ensuring that they consistently join their letters and use ascenders and descenders in all pieces of work.

This week, the first 10 children will be selected for their pen licence and will be awarded with their very own pen licence certificate during our pen ceremony. Who will our first group of 10 be?

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Exciting Sporting Activities and Events!

On Wednesday 14th October, each year group across the school took part in a sponsored scooter event.  Each class were sponsored for the number of laps they completed during the time given. After speaking with the children, they spoke enthusiastically about collecting sponsors from family and friends at home. Today, Mrs Hutchinson and Mrs Ahmed counted up each and every penny and we were overwhelmed with the amount of generous contributions the children had received. As a school we managed to raise £1,277.45!  The money will now be used to enhance and improve our PE curriculum for all the children across the school.  What a fantastic way to end the half term!

Next half term, we will continue to work alongside QFirst Sport coaches. Y4 and Y5 will have some curriculum support sessions for invasion games and multi-skills. Y2 and Y3 will also have the opportunity to take part in a Multi-skills and games after school club. Letters will be given out during the first week back. Our Lunchtime Leader activities will continue with Ryan our lunchtime coach. Ryan has worked alongside the Y5 and Y6 children for the past half term to train and coach the children to lead their own activities and games for the younger children.

Through the use of the PE information board in school, I have introduced the ‘Sports Organising Crew’ to the Y6 children. Y6 can choose to sign up to be part of the ‘crew’. The Sports Organising Crew involves a small group of children initiating and leading multi skill based activities for the younger children across the school, under the supervision of an adult. There will be more details to follow in a few weeks time.

Enjoy your half term holiday and try to stay active! If you are looking for any sporting activities to take part in, click on the QFirst sports web page for any clubs they are holding next week.

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Independent learners

Over the past few weeks, Y3 have been trying their best to work independently. When asked what working independtly means, the children said ‘ thinking for youself’, ‘getting on with your task by yourself’ and ‘getting the things you need for your work’

With this in mind, the children have been working hard on some independent tasks. In maths each week, each group of children have the opportunity to work with the teacher, the teaching assistant or independently. Y3 have showed me how independent they can be when faced with problem solving activities. All groups were able to select the appropriate strategies for each problem and discuss their working out with their partners.

In literacy, I have been impressed with the children’s attitude towards their independent writing and the effort they are putting into their presentation, I wonder who will get their pen licence after half term?

This idea of working independently has carried on through to our enquiry based tasks, when the children were asked to summarise their learning using book creator or popplet. Each group thought carefully about how they wanted to arrange their work and decided who was going to what. Each group produced a popplet, including photographs and paragraphs to share their learning of the Lake District end produced detailed information books about our plant enquiry. Well done Y3, keep up the independent learning!

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Learning all about the Lake District

Yesterday, as part of our Geography enquiry, we used UK atlases to locate different regions in the United Kingdom and found out that Manchester is located in Northern England. We also found out that Northern England is famous for its beautiful countrysides such the Lake District. Using tracing paper, we sketched the outline of Cumbria on the map and located the Lake District using a tree symbol to represent the countryside. The children continued to add more physical and human features such as roads, bridges and lakes. Y3 found the map work quite tricky at first but with great team work and perseverance all children managed to create their own maps including a key.

This week the children have been asked to complete some research based on the Lake District tourist attractions for their homework. If you have any information leaflets, pictures or posters of the Lake District then please send them into school next week for the class to look at. The children are really enjoying learning all about the Lake District and will be producing an information leaflet of their own over the next few weeks.


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Another great week for sport

We have had another great week for sport an Unsworth. Both netball and football sessions after school have started this week for our Y5 and Y6 children. The netball team started the term with enthusiasm and energy! They were also particularly excited to wear our brand new Unsworth netball kits for upcoming matches, complete with the Unsworth logo and school motto!

Mr Evans was also pleased with the boys in football training on Friday after school. Football sessions have now moved to a Friday after school, so if you are interested in joining the team, speak to Mr Evans to find out more!

We have also had a great week with Ryan from QFirst sports. He has been working with Y1 and Y6 in PE, teaching basketball on a Monday night for the Y4 and Y5 children and has spent time with the after school club children teaching multi-sports!

After speaking to some of the children this week, they have really enjoyed working with Ryan and have enjoyed working as a team with children of different ages in after school club.

Ryan also told me how impressed he has been with the Y5 and Y6 children at lunch times. The children have been working with Ryan a few times a week at lunchtime to learn the role of a ‘lunchtime leader’ Lunchtime leaders are a responsible job for our upper juniors. They are required to work alongside the younger children at our school to support them with team games and activities.

To find out more about QFirst sports read my previous blog by clicking on the children tab, clubs and activities and click sports news! Keep posted for further updates and a weekly blog about any sporting events at our school.

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Our exciting sports curriculum!

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome QFirst Sports to our school. QFirst (Quality First Specialist Sports Coaching) provide the very best in sports coaching which is delivered by enthusiastic coaches. QFirst Sports objectives aim to;

  • Encourage children to adopt healthier lifestyles from an early age
  • Increase the number of young people enjoying and regularly participating in PE and sport!
  • Instil children with the confidence to take on new roles and try different activities!
  • Help young people with a desire to achieve in PE and sport realise their ambitions
  • Identify individual talent and signpost to local clubs
  • Support and work with teachers to provide a consistent framework for PE and sport
  • Maintain and monitor CPD with all QFirstSports coaches
  • Offer sports based community Holiday Clubs for children with working parents

Across the year, the coaches will work with year groups Y1-Y6 at different times during their PE sessions to support the class teachers to deliver high quality teaching to our children. They will also be providing sporting activities after school for all year groups, ranging from YR to Y6. Activities will include basketball, athletics and dance. Letters will be sent out at different stages across the year for the children to sign up for if they are interested.  Netball and football sessions will still run on a Tuesday after school by myself and Mr Evans. Look out for photos and blogs to show what the children have been getting up to this term.

Finally, QFirst will be working closely with Miss Costin and the Before and After School Club, to provide sporting opportunities for the children who wish to take part. Look out for the Before and After school club blogs to find out how the children have been getting on. The children will start tonight with their first session, multi-sports!

To find out more about QFirst Sports click on the link here! or click here to find the Autumn Term 1 overview to find out what is going on in our school over the next few weeks.

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A super start Y3!

We had an extremely busy week last week in Y3. We started the term by looking at our new Geography based enquiry; ‘What is it like to live in the North West of England?’ The children got to grips with their new learning by creating a title page to share their previous knowledge and identified some questions that they would like to find more about. They devised some really interesting questions which we will aim to answer over the next few weeks. By the end of the enquiry, the children have been told that they will creating an information leaflet based on the Lake District. If you have any information about the Lake District at home then please bring it into school to share.

We also started our science based enquiry, ‘What are the main functions of a plant?’ We started with group discussions to identify what we already know and transferred this knowledge into creating and explaining the life cycle of a seed. Over the next few weeks the children will get first hand experiences of the different parts of a plant by exploring the natural environment to identify different leaf types and will look closely at the inside of different plants and flowers. We will also use these experiences to help us when printing our own leaves in our art session later this week.

In literacy the children are learning about information texts and have completed the ‘we read’ step on the writing route map. The children can now identify the different features of the text and can explain the purpose, language and layout of the text. This week we have started to craft our own informative paragraphs based on our school, using a variety of sentence openers to help structure our writing.

Over the next few weeks, the children will be practising different methods to add or find the total of both 2 and 3 digit numbers. The children are now using the words increase, add, total and more than to explain their learning. All the children have really impressed me with their understanding of place value, which has really helped when trying to add tens and units. Well done Y3!