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Kente Cloth Weaving

Year 3 have been busy weaving their own Kente cloth designs. During our Ghana enquiry, we have been looking at various Kente designs and patterns and have been discussing the different types of Kente clothing found in Africa.

Kente cloths are the best known of the African textiles and are famous for their bold multi coloured patterns, bright colours and geometric shapes. With this in mind, the children started by exploring various images and discussing their preferences. They then created their own designs and explored ways of creating brighter, vibrant colours by pressing harder with their desired colours.

The children enjoyed learning about the different meanings of the colours in Africa and how each colour is specifically  used to represent something important to them.

We spent time weaving a variety of brightly coloured strips and ensure we fixed every fifth strip in place with glue. We added patterns to the colour using a black felt tip. The children finished off their weaving by cutting the bottom part to add a fringed edge to their designs. Well done Year 3!

I am now even more egg-cited and egg-static to work with Year 3 tomorrow as we create some egg-cellent 3D models for our special Easter assembly in the afternoon! I hope you all enjoy the Easter break and I look forward to seeing you all again after the holidays!

Miss McGrath

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African Adventures!

We have had yet another busy week in Y3! We started the week by planning our African setting adventure stories, making links to our current Ghana enquiry.  The children thought about the important elements within an exciting story and put their ideas into a story map using pictures and captions.

Each child shared their independent plans with their shoulder partners and listened for feedback or advice on how to improve their plans. Some groups used role play to act out their plans too! After this, the children created a group success criteria and were given time to write their adventure stories independently.

After reading Y3’s stories this weekend, I truly felt as though as I had been transported into an African setting through the use of the exciting vocabulary being used.  Ideas included safari jeeps disappearing, talking African animals and unexpected twists at the end!  Well done Y3!

We ended the week by making pin hole viewers to help us to stay safe when looking at the solar eclipse. The solar eclipse happened around 9:30am on Friday and, although it was hard to see because of the clouds, the children commented “this is cool, it feels darker already!” and ” it feels like it’s nearly night time!”

We used this experience and, alongside extra information from video clips and eclipse booklets, we decided to plan and perform mini news reports. The children worked confidently in pairs during the afternoon to plan their presentations.  After practising each report, alongside the ITV news headline music, we filmed each news report using the ipads! Some children really got into character as they banged their papers on the desk in front of them as they pretended to talk with their fellow news reporter during the introductory music! Very impressive Y3, ITV news better look out!





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Magnetic Materials

As part of our scientific enquiry ‘Why do certain materials attract or repel?’, the children in Y3 have been working hard by taking part in various scientific experiments and group discussions.

Last week the children experimented and explored the classroom for magnetic materials.  They worked in their Kagan groups to discuss which materials they thought each object was made out of. With this in mind, they made predictions as to whether the object would attract to the magnet. Each group decided how they were going to organise their information and they ensured that each member of their group had a role, including who was going to test the objects to ensure it was a fair test.

After completing the experiment, I asked the children to look back over their findings to make a conclusion. Each group discussed their findings and most groups concluded that the materials made out of metal were magnetic. Some groups concluded that ALL metals therefore must be magnetic. A few groups disagreed and thought that only some metals are magnetic as we cannot make a judgement based on just the objects we have tested.

This week’s science enquiry question will therefore be ‘Are all metals magnetic?’ What do you think? Can you name any different types of metals?

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Unsworth v Mersey Drive

Tonight our netball team played a match against Mersey Drive Primary. Both teams gave 100% effort and enthusiasm and both worked extremely well as a team by communicating with one another throughout the game.

The match started off neck and neck leaving the score at 3-3 until the second half when Unsworth scored an amazing 3 goals taking the final score to 6-3! Go Unsworth!

Thank you to all parents who came to show their support tonight too, we had a great time!

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Our Ghanaian visitor

Last week we were extremely lucky when we heard Miss McGrath’s friend from Ghana was visiting Unsworth Primary! Raymond came into visit Year 3 to answer our questions based on our current Geography based enquiry; ‘What is life like to grow up in Ghana?’ The children enjoyed hearing about Raymond’s life in the capital city of Accra. He shared facts about some of the different cities and countries he has previously visited in Africa and we enjoyed hearing about his job and family.

The children shared some of their own work based on the continent Africa and were able to discuss different facts they had learnt. Raymond played a guessing game with the children and even rewarded them with traditional African necklaces. What a super way to spend the afternoon!




Y3, what did you ask Raymond? What was his answer?


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PATHS and reflections

Over the past few weeks, in our weekly PATHS (Promoting Alternate THinking Strategies) sessions, we have been looking at strategies to help us deal with different situations and scenarios. We used drama and role play to act out situations that could involve conflict or disagreement. As a class, alongside the PATHS system, we created a system to help us to control and channel our behaviour both in and outside the classroom.

We also discussed a variety of positive and negative feelings and shared experiences that relate to each emotion.  We discussed how feelings can link to actions and came to the conclusion that all feelings are acceptable but it is how we behave in relation to this particular feeling. We have chosen the word ‘choices’ to determine the path we take.  We decided that our control system would become useful when we are involved in different situations.

We finally reflected on our scenarios and wrote a caption to explain how we, as individuals, are going to use our actions and feelings system on the playground and in class and have displayed our ideas on our PATHS feelings display.

Y3, what do you think about our weekly PATHS sessions in class? Comment below…

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Growing up in Ghana

Welcome back Year 3!

We have a busy few weeks ahead including some exciting new enquiries to get stuck into!

Today in Literacy we shared our new text type and discussed what we will building up to write over the next few weeks, using our writing route map to guide our writing journey. We started today by looking at a variety of adventure stories with our partners to find the different elements of an exciting story including characters, the setting, exciting ending, plot, dilemma or problem and interesting vocabulary. Later this week, we will look closely at creating interesting characters within a story.  The children enjoyed being detectives to find each important element in each book.

In our enquiry sessions we will be learning about growing up in Ghana. The children will identify and compare the different lifestyles and culture of the Ghanaian people, learn about trade within this country and will learn about different climate zones using a variety of sources such as our online learning page, atlases and information texts. If you have any photographs or information at home about Ghana then please bring them into school to share with the class.

Additionally, in science we will learning about forces, in particular looking at magnetic poles and the different materials that may attract or repel.  The children will experience exploration of magnets and materials, including sorting and classifying different materials. Please look at the enquiry page for both topics by clicking on the Y3 tab to find out more.

Miss McGrath


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Y3… a dancing delight!

Year 3 have impressed me with their hard work and enthusiasm towards our whole school end of term dance which they performed at 10am and 2pm today.  The children told me how much fun they have had over the past 2 weeks and couldn’t wait to perform for our special visitors.

I would firstly like to thank all parents and carers for your support with the fantastic costumes and hairstyles, the children looked fabulous! I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the children to learn about 90’s music and fashions and have even enjoyed getting involved in our staff dance! (which took a lot of practising!) What a super way to end the half term!

If you have any comments about either of our performances today, then please leave your comments below for us to share.

Many thanks,

Miss McGrath

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Dancing and performing!

Y3 have had a really busy week with lots of things to remember! Firstly, the children shared their learning from our current history based enquiry, the Victorians, in their class assembly on Thursday. Each and every child stood up with confidence to read their lines.  Some children also shared some fantastic acting skills, including a very bossy Victorian teacher! After talking with many parents on Thursday morning, we were all delighted with their efforts on the day. Well done Y3!

We have also been busy practising our  90s inspired dance in our PE sessions. The children have been put into small boy and girl bands after watching various snippets of music videos from 90s boy and girl bands including the spice girls, NSync and Sclub7. Each group have been working hard to choreograph their own sequences whilst incorporating the necessary dance skills that have been previously taught.  Mrs Reynolds even stopped by in our PE lesson on Tuesday and she was very impressed with the children’s efforts to work as part of a team.

Over the next 2 weeks, the children will be taking part in more group based activities to write a group information text based on their chosen girl/boy band.  The children will use the research they have gathered at home, as part of their homework, and further information provided in class. They will finally present their information back to the rest of the class as part of a 5 minute group presentation.

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Keeeeep dancing

As part of a whole school enquiry, each class will be focusing on a particular decade of dance. Over the next few weeks, during our PE sessions, Y3 will be focusing on a variety of dancing activities surrounding the 1990’s. We started last week by looking at the popular dances of the 90s and noticed that the main theme running through this era was dance routines, mainly involving boy and girl bands.

In our first PE session we looked at a popular dance routine, the Macarena. We discussed the rhythm of the routine and, after learning the routine, we decided to put our own movements to the song.  The children confidently worked in pairs to mirror each others’ shapes and sequences.  This week we will be looking at another popular song of the 90’s and will start to look at timing and transition.

We look forward to ‘Unsworth comes dancing’ which will take place during the last week of this half term.