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Mindset, Multiplication and Maps

As always the children in Year 5 have been working extremely hard. It is lovely to see the children are growing in confidence and becoming more independent with how they approach their work. At the start of the week we revisited the messages from the Growth Mindset workshop. The children thought about the skills needed to become successful in their learning, including ‘how’ good learning takes place and that ‘effort’ always leads to success.

This particular aspect has been so obvious to see in maths over the last few weeks. The children have been focusing on multiplication methods and moving from informal to more standard methods of calculation. Not an easy method to master particularly if you are a bit shaky on your tables. As always, I have been repeating my mantra and reminding the children about how important it is to learn the multiplication. I can see that some of the children have been putting in the effort and are breezing through these tricky methods.


If you would like to support your child to learn the multiplication facts, than pop into school and pick up some resources from me so you can help at home.



We’ve made a great start to our next history enquiry too. The children enjoyed comparing old and new OS maps and looked at how Unsworth has changed. They worked in small groups and created 3D models of how this area might have looked 100 years ago. The children added pop up houses, farms and even Victoria Mill which once stood where our school is today. They were amazed to learn that even their houses did not exist 100 years ago. We’ve also had some great resources brought in by one of the children, showing his great grand parents gardening in their ‘new’ 1960s house and the initial stages of our school being erected in the background!

In science the children have been thinking about how different animal groups begin their life, including those that start as an egg and those that give birth to live young. The children worked in pairs to show different life cycle models, adding on information about each stage of the cycle.




Over the next few weeks, we should be getting a new addition to our class…so don’t forget to follow us on Twitter to find out about this exciting work.

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Welcome back Y5!

The children in Year 5 have made a great start to the new academic year. It’s been such a busy time with so many new things going on. I’ve enjoyed the first few weeks getting to know the children and likewise, the children have enjoyed finding out about me with their inquisitive questions!

The children have been getting to grips with the new routines and becoming familiar with the way we do things in Year 5. The children are trying incredibly hard to present their work neatly, joining their handwriting and taking on board the tips they are given to improve their work further. It is really heartwarming when I see children eager to do their best and put in that extra effort.

In maths the children have been focusing on place value and extending their understanding of 4, 5, and 6 digit numbers. We played various dice and number line games which the children enjoyed. The children have moved to using pens to record their maths work which was a bit scary for some. The children asked “what happens if we get it wrong? We can’t rub it out!” to which I replied “the best maths learning happens when you get things wrong.”

We’ve made a great start to our history and science enquiries too.  The children have enjoyed getting involved in a number of practical group activities this week, including ‘mapping from memory’ and using the iPADs to gather information about different materials and their properties.

We discussed what ‘good’ group work looks like and how each group member is equally important and needs to do their share of work. This is something we will focus on regularly during our PATHs lesson, in particular we will look at the different roles we can have when working in collaborative groups.

The children have been given a range of homework tasks, including spellings, homework books and reading. The children have brought home a letter which outlines when different homework needs to be completed by. Why not check out our school website and use the Year 5 enquiry based pages to support homework activities. It is important that children spend sufficient time working on these pieces of homework across the week. If there are any issues regarding homework please don’t hesitate to come and speak to me.

You can always follow us on Twitter and catch up on what we’ve been up to too!


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Olympic enquiry fun!

It’s been such a busy time with so much going on in school. The children have been working incredibly hard…creating amazing batik artwork, writing persuasive letters to Mrs Reynolds and thinking about our Olympic enquiry.

We started the week with writing letters to Mrs Reynolds persuading her to consider replacing exercise books with iPads and allowing the children to record their work digitally. The children had very strong views why this would be a great idea and were able to confidently present the point of view through their letters. The children will present their letters to Mrs Reynolds over the next week and we are eager to see if we can persuade her with our letters!

[easy-image-collage id=14199]

Our whole school enquiry has also begun  and we spent some time discussing what the Olympic values are. We attended the opening ceremony which was an exciting affair for everyone. The children enjoyed taking part in the singing and listening to the teachers playing the samba instruments!

Y5 were given the value “equality” to consider as part of their enquiry work. Initial discussions around “what is equality” raised some interesting thoughts. The children come up with some excellent ideas as to how they could represent equality through various mediums, including photography, drawing and music. We spent the latter part of the week creating some lovely work including batik flags, photo montages and writing our own acrostic poems.

The children also visited Y6 this week on their official move up morning. Although the children have been working with Miss Sinclair over the last few week on various guided reading activities, they were very excited about being Y6 for the day. From sitting on the benches in assembly to being prefects at break time…the wait is nearly over for our Y5s and they’ll be off being our next Y6 class!


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Getting creative

Another busy week in Year 5 and as always I have been impressed with the children’s attitudes towards their work.  We have enjoyed creating some lovely artwork inspired by the artist Hundertwasser which is now on display along KS2 corridor. Why not pop in to have a look.

Over the last few weeks the children in Year 5 have been immersed in stories from different cultures. They have enjoyed reading and a range of short stories, some of which are traditional tales from distant places and others are more contemporary. We have listened to some of the tales from Arabian Nights and discussed the descriptive detail which brings the story setting alive. We have focused on writing our own description, created out own synonym word bank and used these on complex sentences.  We are also using these stories as inspiration and have been creating ideas for our own stories. We will be planning and writing these story over the next week.

In science we have been closely watching the various seeds we have planted. We moved the seedlings planted indoors to the edible garden. It has been a nervous week waiting and watching what will happen to the young shoots. We’ve been very diligent and watered regularly. However we did not catered for the hungry snails, who have enjoyed munching away at our cauliflowers and wiped out any growth! Maybe we will have more success with our other vegetables.

The children enjoyed working on their D&T project, which was to create a moving toy. They examined and made a simple cam mechanisms, using axels, wheels and snail cams which moved different parts on their toy (creating linear and circular movement.) Some children did find some aspects quite difficult and it was great to see how they helped each other to overcome problems with their designs. Our finished products are on display in the hall and you are welcome to come in and have a look.

We have started our next geography enquiry and have been finding out about volcanoes and earthquakes. The children have already shared lots of great facts and information about volcanoes. We mapped out where volcanoes can be found and identified the ‘ring of fire’ which is located around the Pacific Ocean. The children shared interesting facts about earthquake zones and discussed where recent earthquakes have taken place.

Over the next few weeks the children will be focusing on the link between decimals, fractions and percentages in maths. They will be identifying fraction and percentage equivalence and using this information to solve simple problems. Why not point out where percentages can be found in real life situations and what they mean.

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Busy, busy, busy


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It’s been a busy few weeks in Year 5.  The children returned to school fresh after the Easter break and raring to go.

We made an active start to our Science enquiry, where we will be looking at how plants grow.  We had fun clearing out the overgrown Edible Garden and preparing the ground.  It was interesting to hear the children share their own gardening stories and the types of things they have previously planted with various family members.  We chatted about the different mini beasts we found and different types of weeds pulled out.

We planted a number of seeds indoors too, and will transfer them outdoors once they have grown.  The children are enjoying watering and caring for the seedlings that have now sprouted.   The gardens are now all planted; we have onions, carrots, beans, tomatoes, spinach, pumpkins, cauliflowers and much more!  Fingers crossed for some good weather over the next few weeks.

In literacy, the children have been busy reading a number of stories from different cultures.  We watched a few short films too which really helped us understand the detail we need to include when writing our own stories.  The children were able to identify that they needed to include detail about the “human and physical geography” to really capture the culture of another country.  It’s great to see that children are making links between different curriculum areas and transferring understanding.

We ended the week with recaping our enquiry work in History and how Unsworth has changed over the last 100 years.  We then discussed and predicted what changes might take place over the next 50-100 years.  The children had some amusing ideas about how life might change and the types of facilities that might become available.  They then redesigned buildings, created some of their own and began remodelling the map of the local area.

A great week everyone.

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Great things happening in Y5

What a great end to a busy term. The children in Y5 have impressed me with their hard work and effort right up to the very last week.

In Science, the children have been thinking about the human life cycle. We talked about what happens as we grow old. The children shared stories about their own grandparents and the things they enjoy doing together. The children had some amusing ideas about the changes that we go through as we grow old and what it means to “slow down”. Ideas included old people shrinking, losing their imagination and becoming sad! The future is not looking bright for any of us according to Year 5!

We then looked at data for boys and girls, comparing growth. The children made generalised statements about growth patterns. We also enjoyed looking at our photo timelines, which we had created for homework. The children were quick to spot where they could see family resemblances and features common to their parents.

The children have enjoyed working in the outdoors over the last few weeks. Cycling proficiency, Sports Relief circuit training and gardening, just a few of the activities that we have been involved in.

On Wednesday I went out with the cyclists and watched as they learnt to make safe turns on the roads. The instructors were impressed with the way our children listened and followed the instructions, ensuring they could all manoeuvre safely. The children could confidently talk about the road safety rules they needed to follow as cyclists. All our Y5 cyclists passed the cycling proficiency at level 1 & 2 – Well Done everyone! 🚲.

We ended the term with our annual egg decorating extravaganza! As always, the children rise to the challenge with such excitement. We had busy hands creating, cutting, painting and sticking. I’m always impressed with the creativity and this year was no exception. Many children worked together on a joint group design. I was impressed with how well they cooperated, shared out the jobs and supported one another.  The final creations were amazing, each one unique and in my view, everyone a winning design.🏆

With the weather on our side, we ventured into the edible garden and began preparing the ground ready for planting. During the next half term the children will begin looking at plants, charting the growth and changes they see. So any keen gardeners/parents/grandparents out there, who would like to help Y5 with getting this gardening project going, are very welcome to get involved. 🌻

I hope everyone enjoys a well deserved rest over the Easter break and returns to school full of energy and enthusiasm for another fun filled term!

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Field trips and hockey sticks

It has certainly been an eventful week. The week began with Year 5 going to Heaton Park to carry out fieldwork. Having worked out where we were on the map, our first task was to gather information about the human and physical features around the park. The children created their own symbols and key for the different aspects they had identified. We took photographs, sketched pictures of building and added details to our maps. We returned to school with lots of information, which we would be using for the next stage of our enquiry.

Why not find out more about our Geography enquiry which you can access through the curriculum page on the website. You can see a photo gallery of all the work carried out throughout the two weeks.

In literacy, we have been focusing on explanation text. We read and analysed a number of texts, comparing the layout and the features they included. The children enjoyed playing the “why do..” game which focused on using causal phrase to explain the answer for various questions. We had great fun trying to construct different answers and working out which phrases worked best.

On Thursday, the children enjoyed developing their hockey skills with the Qfirstsport coach, Miss Davies. We worked together to ‘squeeze the ball’, developed our skills to pass the ball to each other and scoring goals 1 on 1. Even I couldn’t resist and picked up the hockey stick and joined in with the games and fun! The children certainly enjoyed attacking me with their hockey sticks and trying to get the ball off me.

Over the last two weeks we have been focusing on multiplication methods and I was pleased to see the progress the different groups have made. The effort individual children have made to learn the multiplication facts has paid off and the improvement shows in the work produced. So well done guys. Next week we will begin work on fractions, another tricky unit of work!

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and see the children’s latest work through the photos and videos posted.

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Myths, Maths and Maps!

What a great week we’ve had. I have been amazed with the growing confidence with which the children are tackling their work. The children are working brilliantly with each other and are supporting each other in their learning.

We started the week with sharing our brilliant mythical stories which the children enjoyed writing. I spent some time with each child, having learning conversations with them, giving them tips and advice on how they could improve their stories further. The children worked together, offering support with spelling and editing each other to improve their writing

In maths we have focused on multiplication methods and moved onto using both formal and informal methods. The children are getting better at choosing the best method to solve the question.

We began our Geography enquiry too, which is focusing on various mapping skills including using grid references to locate places! This can be pretty complicated but I was amazed at how quickly the children grasped the use of 4 figure and then 6 figure references. We located different places on an OS map for the Manchester area. We enjoyed creating our own treasure hunt by plotting points on an aerial view map of the school grounds and then creating a list of grid references for another teams to then go and find. We’ve really loved having the opportunity to develop our mapping skill and work in the outdoors.

Looking forward to our field trip to Heaton Park next week. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter to find out what we’ve been up to.


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A tearful end to the week!

Emotions were high in Y5 this week as we said goodbye to the chicks yesterday. The children had become attached to the little chicks. They really did enjoy caring for the chicks, cleaning the brooder box each day and ensuring they had clean water and food.  We were surprised with how rapidly the chicks were growing and the weight they gained each day.

On Thursday we let the chicks out of their brooder box and the children were delighted  watching them flap their wings and peck at the floor. But there were tears on Friday as we watched them being taken away.  The chickens have been taken to a farm in Bolton were they will remain.

On Wednesday the children showed off their amazing dancing skills.   I was impressed with the fantastic routine they have been working on over the last few weeks with the dance instructor.  There was movement across the space in different directions, set group formations and pair work.  Great coordination guys and I can’t wait to see the final performance next week.

In art the children have been looking at various ancient Egyptians artefacts and have been inspired the ornate pieces of craftwork.  They are creating their own canopic jars using modroc and paper  mache.  The finished designs will be on display in our very own Ancient Egyptian Museum which will be open very soon!


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Sea serpents and chicks!

What an eventful week in Year 5.

We began the week with the arrival of the incubator and 10 eggs. Not expecting the eggs to hatch until Wednesday we had a lovely surprise at the end of Tuesday when one of the chicks appeared. By Wednesday morning we had a whole incubator full of yellow fluffy chicks.
We spent Thursday setting up the brood box and having fun handling the little delights. We weighed each of the chicks and will do so each day in order to monitor their growth over the next week.

We have also been gathering data over the last few weeks, linked to our PE and sustained running unit of work. The children have been keeping information linked to the number of laps they can run around a short circuit during 5 minutes. The children will monitor their own results and see if they can improve week on week.

In literacy, the children have been writing a mythical story with the support of a planning frame we constructed together. We focused on writing a good ending which sees all the problems created along the way being resolved. We even ended with a cliff hanger which left the reader thinking there might be another episode! The children will be planning there own mythical stories next week, including their own mythical beast which they created for homework.

Another area we need to return our focus to over the next few weeks will be multiplication and division. I left this aspect of learning for a few weeks because I wanted the children to spend some time on memorising their multiplication facts. It is vital that children are really secure with these facts, as next year there are proposed plans to introduce a multiplication test alongside the usual Maths SATs which your children will be doing. Please support your child in learning all of these facts.

Great week everyone