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Final Countdown…It’s Christmas

Its been a really great end to the term, with so many great activities going on across this week.

It was a super start to the week with the Choral group performing at the Parish Church.  My first time at the rehearsal and listening to the children sing the different songs was very moving.  Their voices filled the Church and it sounded beautiful!  Well done everyone for a wonderful performance.

Aladdin in Trouble… another great Christmas Play.  A huge well done to all the children involved, from the superb singing, to those performing on stage. Year 5 children got a little taster of being on stage (as Suitors for Jasmine).  I must say everyone was very calm and enjoyed the opportunity to performing on stage. I can see by Year 6 they will be ready for the challenge of putting together a whole school performance for sure.

In between all the fun and creative work, we have actually been working very hard on completing our science enquiry. The children investigated “How do rockets lift off?” and enjoyed making their own mini rockets (using a film canister and effervescent tablets). We had great fun launching these earlier on in the week.  The children created short iMovies capturing their learning around the investigations carried out.

The children have worked very hard this term and I feel proud of them all.

I hope everyone has a great Christmas break and look forward to returning to school ready for another fun filled term.

Happy Christmas everyone!



Class Pages Latest News Year 5 Blog

Rehearsals and rockets!

Y5 leapt into action this week with great enthusiasm as always.

We started the week by writing our own instructions to use in a user manual for pupils, showing them step by step instructions for accessing Abacus games on the iPads. The children focused on using imperative verbs, time openers and adverbs.

Having spent much of this week rehearsing the songs for our play, “Aladdin in trouble” it was great to see the students at Bury College perform their version of “Treasure Island”. The children enjoyed the action packed panto and it has put us in the mood for Christmas, and very  excited about our own performance next week.

We spent the final part of the week investigating “How does the moon moves?” The children created their own models in the playground and thought about how the earth and moon moved around the sun. We thought about the moon reflecting the sunlight (and not giving off its own light as many thought), causing the different phases of the moon.

We ended the week with preparing out miniature rockets ready for a further investigation we will be working on next week. The children are all fired up and ready for testing out their rockets next week.

Check out our Twitter page for highlights of this event next week.

Class Pages Latest News Year 5 Blog

Great things are happening in Y5.

The children have had another great week, working hard as always, writing stories independently, learning to play jingle bells in brass and creating some excellent colour wheels in art.

The children started the week by finishing an independent plan for their own extra chapter for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We revisited the use of speech marks in preparation for our story writing and thought about the layout and presentation when introducing a new speaker. The children spent most of the week writing their chapter and then editing. Having a sneaky read, I can see the children have created some amazing characters and unusually sticky accidents!

The children have begun work on division methods which we call “finding then biggest hunk.” This is an informal method we introduce before doing the formal “bus stop” method that you may remember from your own schooling. If you’re curious to know more about this, you can always pop in for a quick lesson!

On Tuesday afternoon, the children began learning to play Jingle Bells on their brass instruments.  After a few attempts the children were soon filling the junior corridor with the festive tune.  Watch out guys, Christmas is coming!

We ended the week with thinking about our learning in Geography and considering ways to present this using our own ideas. We had a fun Friday afternoon creating some great models, PowerPoint presentations and even slide shows to demonstrate our knowledge on the Arctic. You can always follow us on Twitter and have a look at some of the great creations from the session.

What a jam packed week Year 5, impressed as always!

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Enquiring minds in Y5.

It’s been a jam packed week in Year 5. We have been working hard to explore and build our knowledge within the different enquiries we are working on.

In geography we have starting researching about the human and physical features we would find in the Arctic. The children focused on what the process of research involves; reading, thinking and checking if information is relevant then making succinct notes! A tricky task.

Following on from work on time zones last week, we talked about what causes night and day linking this to the movement of the earth. We created our own models, which showed the movement of the earth in relation to the sun. Children worked hard to understand and use the different key words accurately such as orbit, rotate and axis.

In maths we revisited work on reading coordinates and then linking this to work on reading longitude and latitude points on a map. The children soon got to grips with identifying Northern or Southern Hemispheres and reading the different eastern and western points.

At the end of the week the children started gathering ideas for writing their own extra chapter for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The children have created their own story characters and invented a new room where an unfortunate accident will happen!? We will be spending part of next week writing our new chapters.

I can’t wait to read these next week.

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Digging deeper!

It’s been another fantastic week in Year 5. We have been thinking hard about our learning across different subjects and challenging ourselves to improve, think deeper and analyse information.

In literacy this week, the children have produced some excellent pieces of writing inspired by our Highwayman poem. I spent part of the week having learning conversations with individual children about their writing and discussing how they could improve their diaries further. The children used this to help recraft their writing, including the points discussed.

We’ve had a really interesting time in maths as well with children really thinking hard about applying their problem solving skills. The children were given a grocery price list with various items and costs. The children had to apply addition and subtraction methods to solve problem like “how much does the cheapest/expensive sandwich cost?” But without a sandwich selection on the bill, they needed to firstly work out the different types of sandwiches they could possibly make with their ingredients before solving the problem.

We ended the week with a look at the Anglo Saxon archeological discoveries made at Sutton Hoo. The children looked at aerial view images of the site and suggested reasons for why the site looked the way it did. As we unearthed extra information through the course of the afternoon, we discovered the hidden burial ship for an Anglo Saxon king. We analysed some of the items excavated and discussed why they would have been placed inside the burial chamber.

A great week, guys!

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Great things happening in Y5.

The children have been working very hard this week and I am pleased with how well they are using their IT skills to present different aspects of learning. We created some excellent mind maps in science using popplet and pic collages for art.

We have been building on our maths and started the week by thinking about using rounding as a way of estimating totals. Some children have found it tricky to give an answer that wasn’t the exact answer but still be correct! The children are beginning to make reasoned choices when estimating, deciding if they should round to the nearest 10 or 100.

I have also been really impressed with the homework “all about me”. The children have taken so much care with presenting their work beautifully. We managed to share some pieces of work in class and had a chat about what we liked about different pieces. Great job guys can’t wait to see your next homework.

We ended the week with a great PATHs session today where we looked at the different roles needed within collaborative learning groups. We went through why this way of working was important and how it enables groups members to support each other ensuring we all achieve. The children recapped the key skills needed which they said including good listening skills, compromising and sharing out the work load fairly amongst team members.

Don’t forget you can keep regular checks on what the children are doing in class by following us on Twitter.

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Protractors and maths games!

The children have been busy working hard this week. We started the week in maths revisited multiplying and dividing by 10/100/1000. We solved missing number problems and applied our learning to converting different measures. We ended the week with learning how to use a protractor to measure angles. We found it quite tricky to line up the edge of the protractor in the correct place on the angles!

In literacy we continued working on the The Highwayman. The children were surprised by the storyline, in particular the tragic end for the Highwayman and his true love Bess. Next week we will be working on writing diaries for the different characters in this narrative poem.

The children have been set some homework which they can access via the active learning website. The children have been asked to play some online games revisiting some of the learning from class this week.

The children have all been working very hard and I am certainly impressed with the effort all round, keep it up guys!

Don’t forget you can keep regular checks on what the children are doing in class by following us on Twitter

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Getting in gear for an exciting year!

Welcome back everyone!  We’ve had an amazing time this week in year 5.  I have been impressed with the way the children have got to grips with the new routines and expectations of Y5.  We have made an excellent start to our R.E, history and science enquiries through working in collaborative groups which everyone enjoyed.

On Tuesday the children had their first brass lesson with Miss Geelan.  Certainly a noisy afternoon but gave everyone a quick insight into what our brass lessons will be like.  We are looking forward to Mr Dixon joining the sessions from next week.  The children have brought home letters this week about the brass instruments, so look out for these if you haven’t already signed and returned the consent form.

The children have also brought home their first piece of homework.  There is a letter inside homework logs explaining what I will be expecting to see in finished pieces of homework.  If there are any concerns or question then don’t hesitate to come and speak to me about it.  The due date for work to be returned is included on the homework information slip.

Each week you can catch up with what Year 5 have been doing through our weekly blog. At times I will invite the children to write the blog and get a child’s perspective on life in Year5.  You can get regular information through our daily tweets.

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The school year comes to an end…

Well what can I say!  Its been a hectic few days leading up to our final day together as Year 5.  As the children have been busy enjoying sharing their toys and games this morning, I looked around the classroom and felt sad to be saying goodbye to a wonderful class after two years.    I have seen every individual make progress in their learning but also grow in confidence and maturity.   It has been a pleasure working with everyone and your children are just great! I have appreciated the support that I have received from everyone at home so a big “thank you” to all the parents and carers. 

And finally, a huge “thank you” for all the lovely cards, gifts and kind messages.  I hope everyone has a great summer and I look forward to seeing everyone again in September.


Trip down the caves

It’s been another busy week in Year 5.  The children started the week and wrote some excellent adventure stories set in the rainforest that included some brilliant descriptive details.  During Brass lesson the children had a fabulous rehearsal, they really are sounding amazing and we can’t wait to perform at our musical afternoon.

The boys attended a cricket tournament at Stand Cricket Club and played really well. Their behaviour was excellent and they were a credit to our school. Well done boys.

We ended the week with our trip to White Scar Cave.  The children put on the hard hats and descended into the cold, dark caves!  The guide helped us find the different cave features including Witches Fingers, Devil’s Tongue and some hidden fossils.  We arrived at the Battlefield Cavern which was lit up and was a truly breathtaking sight.