Bikeability and Baking Bonanza!

This week we have been taking part in bikeability activities.  We had to learn how to get on our bikes safely and how to be safe on the road.  The 4 coaches, Matt, Matt, Jill and Dallia, all helped us improve our skills on our bikes like signals for left turns, right turns and u turns. We went out of […]

Learning about our active planet

Year 5 have been busy researching about how volcanoes are formed. They watched a video clip showing a new volcano being ‘born’ and saw it rise out of the sea to create an island! Amazing stuff. They then worked in co-operative groups, looking at various sources of information to find out more about our enquiry question.   The […]

Volcanoes and Earthquakes!

This half term year 5 will be working on a really interesting Geography enquiry linked to Earthquakes and Volcanoes. The children will learn about this devastating phenomena, including why they occur and how people who live in these parts of the world adapt their lives.  Check out the Year 5 class page for some useful web-links and information […]