What’s going on in Y5!

We have made a fantastic start to our whole school enquiry “50 years at Unsworth” last week.  We have enjoyed looking through the school archives and finding out about school life during the last fifty years.  We have noticed that a lot of things have remained the same about our school.  We have been busy finding out about different aspects of school and creating work which we will  be displaying in our living history museum at the end of the week. In science we have been thinking about water resistance.  We used a ball of blu-tac and we had to change its shape and find which shape sunk the slowest and had more water resistance.  We noticed that when the blu-tac was long, like a sausage it sank quite quickly. If the blu-tac was flat like a pancake it sank slowly so had more water resistance This week we will be going to Burrs Country park and taking part in some orienteering activities.  We will be using all the skills we have been working on over the last half term and putting them into action on a ‘new’ and ‘unseen’ course.  We will keep you posted on these events via Twitter later on this week and photographs to follow.

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The end of the term…another busy week!

This week we have been writing a letter from Miss Truchbull to Mr Wormward complaining about a faulty car he sold to her.  We used our skills of persuasion to try and convince him to give us a refund!

In history we have made a book on “book creator”about how Unsworth has changed since 1848. We took our own photographs and film clips to make an interesting book. Check out our class blog later on next term to see some of our work.

Some of  us went to Unsworth cricket club on Wednesday to play a tournament against other schools. We did quite well and came third out of five teams,

The best part of the week was in science.  We did a tug of war because we were learning about opposing forces. Unfortunately the rope snapped in half so we couldn’t do the experiment !

In literacy today we looked at QR codes and used them to read a newspaper article about Unsworth Library closing.  We created some persuasive posters that could be used to try and stop this happening.

This weeks Year 5 bloggers: Noah ,Matthew and Joe.

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Year 5 are real IT wizards!

What a fantastic week in year 5.  We have been busy doing lots of interesting thing in  I.T, especially on the iPads and it has been extemely fun!  We used popplet to create some plans for a letter which we will be writing next week. We used picCollage to present our history research.

Today we have been around the local area and taken some photos of the houses. We compared the oS map of the Unsworth area ffrom 1848.  We had fun identifying when different houses were built, we spotted some house built during the Victorian times in 1855 and 1878.

Following this,we returned to class and started work on creating an iBook using the photos and film we have taken.

It has been a incredible day and we hope to do it again soon !


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Daring decimals!

Wow! What a challenging morning of maths.  The children have been getting to grips with converting different fractions into the decimal equivalence. The children thought hard about what they knew about different fractions and how they could convert them quickly.  We even had to use a calculator for some fractions because it was tricky. When asked about the maths, Ejaz said, “I thought the maths was challenging and fun…it gave me a headache because I had to think hard!”

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Bikeability and Baking Bonanza!

This week we have been taking part in bikeability activities.  We had to learn how to get on our bikes safely and how to be safe on the road.  The 4 coaches, Matt, Matt, Jill and Dallia, all helped us improve our skills on our bikes like signals for left turns, right turns and u turns. We went out of school onto Parr Lane to try out going on the road. At the end of the sessions we were very wet but all very happy because we passed stage 1 and stage 2.

Year 5 have been designing cakes. First we got into groups and filled in our design sheet with different ideas.  The next day some of the children walked up to Morrison’s to buy the ingredients. We were supervised by a teacher as we gathered all the ingredients with the money that we had brought in. We had a budget of £23 which needed to be used to buy all the ingredients that groups needed.  It was tricky because we needed to think about which items were expensive and had to change them for cheaper brands so we could buy all the things we needed.   The next day we made the cake and put the toppings on the cake. We enjoyed evaluating the different cakes (by eating them!) and hope our family enjoys tasting them as much as we did when we take the cakes home.


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Volcanoes blow!

This week in y5 we have been very busy. We have  ……

1. Made some amazing art using photo montage.  We used our family photographs to create this work

2.  We have finally exploded our realistic volcanoes! But sadly some of them didn’t go off as well as we thought they would

3.  Written explanations in Literacy about volcanoes and earthquakes!

We have had a fab week so far

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Eruptions and the eclipse!

In class this week, we made volcanoes in groups. We followed the instruction sheets which explained how to make them. First we had to scrunch up some newspapers in to balls and surround the plastic bottle. We covered the paper volcano in foil and we stuck sand to it.  We put bicarbonate of soda and glitter inside the bottle.  We will be adding vinegar and red dye to it once the volcanoes have dried. Check out next week blog to see pictures of our exploding volcanoes.

On Thursday it was our class assembly it was Romeo and Juliet and it was a very exiting time for year 5. Everyone had a great time watching our play. all of our parents made very nice comments.

Today we saw the eclipse. We went outside onto the tyre park. It was so cool because we had never seen an eclipse before. After that we got into groups of threes and made posters all about the eclipse.  What a fab week.

This weeks Y5 bloggers are Keira, Mia, Phoebe.

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Learning about our active planet

Year 5 have been busy researching about how volcanoes are formed. They watched a video clip showing a new volcano being ‘born’ and saw it rise out of the sea to create an island! Amazing stuff.

They then worked in co-operative groups, looking at various sources of information to find out more about our enquiry question.   The children have created some excellent information posters explaining how volcanoes are formed which we have displayed on our enquiry wall.

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Visit Year 5’s Museum

The children have worked really hard and created some excellent artefacts which are now displayed proudly in our very own Unsworth Museum. The work includes a Death Masks, a mummified Cat, a Sarcophagus, the Ankh and an impressive collar necklace.  There is lots more to see, so why not pop down and have a look at our display.

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Volcanoes and Earthquakes!

This half term year 5 will be working on a really interesting Geography enquiry linked to Earthquakes and Volcanoes. The children will learn about this devastating phenomena, including why they occur and how people who live in these parts of the world adapt their lives.  Check out the Year 5 class page for some useful web-links and information about this great topic.

In Science we will be taking a look at “Why we grow old?” and the changes that we experience over our lifetime.  The children will (hopefully) be sharing some of their own photographs and examining how they have changed as they have grown.  The children will use images to create photo montage in Art.

In Literacy we will be focusing on writing explanations.  Children will use learning from the Science and Geography enquiries to inspire writing in this style.

The My Maths website has been fully updated and the children will be shown how to navigate around the new page setup. The children will be given homework every Monday and should attempt the tasks set.  If the children have difficulty accessing the website at home there will be opportunity to complete tasks in school during the week.