Our school has 4 consecutive Basic Skills Primary Quality Marks, an award that celebrates and supports continuous improvement in literacy and maths. In May 2016 our school applied for and was awarded the Early Years Basic Skills Quality Mark, which recognises the quality of provision for basic skills across the EYFS. One of the key strengths of the awards is that it provides a framework for self-evaluation and continuous improvement of the basic skills of all pupils in school.  Our Deputy Head teacher is an accredited assessor  through the BTSA to assess schools for both the Primary Basic Skills and Early Years Quality Marks. Click here to read our Primary report or here to read our Early Years report. 

Use the tabs below to find out more about each award and how you can apply for the award for your own school. Click here to visit the Quality Mark website.

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The 10 Primary Quality Mark elements are as relevant today for school improvement as they were originally. The fundamental principles of the Primary Quality Mark process, such as the involvement of the whole school community, self-review and targeted intervention, have now become central to any school’s improvement agenda, regardless of its context.

1. A whole school strategy and planning to improve performance in basic skills.

2. An analysis of the assessment of pupil performance in basic skills.

3. Target setting for the improvement of the school’s performance in basic skills.

4. Basic skills improvement planning for pupils underattaining and/or underachieving.

5. Regular review of the progress made by pupils underattaining and/or underachieving in basic skills.

6. A commitment to improving the skills of staff to teach and extend basic skills.

7. The use of a range of teaching approaches and learning styles to improve basic skills.

8. The use of appropriate teaching and learning materials to improve basic skills.

9. The involvement of parents and carers in developing their child’s basic skills.

10. An effective procedure for monitoring planning and assessing improvement in performance in basic skills.[/learn_more]

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[learn_more caption=”Early Years Mark”]

Below are the 10 principles for the Early Years Quality Mark, which a school must be able to demonstrate evidence for.

1. A whole-setting strategy and planning to improve young children’s abilities and achievements in their foundation skills.

2. Analysis of the assessment of young children’s abilities and achievements.

3. Setting appropriately high expectations for young children’s development.

4. Planning ‘next steps’ in learning for young children’s development.

5. Regular review of the progress made by all young children.

6. A commitment to improving the skills of all practitioners.

7. A balanced use of child-initiated and adult-led, play-based activities.

8. The use of appropriate environments and resources.

9. Partnership working between families, carers, practitioners and professionals in supporting young children’s learning and development.

10. An effective procedure for monitoring planning and assessing improvement in practice and provision.


If you are interested in the Quality Mark, contact the BTSA administrator Jo Seddon via the options below:

  • email: BTSA@bury.gov.uk
  • phone: 01612536934
  • twitter: @burytsa

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