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Parking Charter

On Friday 17th February our school councillors continued the work of last year’s council on developing awareness of the parking issues that we have around Unsworth. Last year the council developed a set of visual posters, which were put onto the school fence this morning. This year’s councillors worked with members of staff to collect signatures from our school community for our “Parking Charter”, which was developed in the summer term. The idea of the charter is for parents/carers to agree to consider following a set of guidelines when parking their cars. It has been developed to help keep children safe and to think about how we can be as fair as possible to our neighbours who live in close proximity to the school.

Our councillors did a fantastic job, collecting 61 signatures in 10 minutes and we would like to thank all those members of our school community who signed up. To read our charter click here and feel free to download a copy, sign it and send it in if you would like to. Our councillors are going to add their thoughts below, so why not read what they have to say!

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Around the World

Year 1 had a fantastic first day back. We have jumped straight into our geography enquiry ‘Around the World’. Throughout this enquiry we will be focussing on hot and cold places around the world, basic mapping skills and learning about the equator. We will also be thinking about the seasons and how weather changes throughout the seasons and around the world. The children are very excited to become weather reporters in ‘Unsworth Weather Studio!’ In Literacy we have started to look at stories from a range of cultures, this week we will read a selection of stories and think about their features, layout and all the different characters. 

We are looking forward to dressing up for world book day on Thursday! 


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Mindset, Multiplication and Maps

As always the children in Year 5 have been working extremely hard. It is lovely to see the children are growing in confidence and becoming more independent with how they approach their work. At the start of the week we revisited the messages from the Growth Mindset workshop. The children thought about the skills needed to become successful in their learning, including ‘how’ good learning takes place and that ‘effort’ always leads to success.

This particular aspect has been so obvious to see in maths over the last few weeks. The children have been focusing on multiplication methods and moving from informal to more standard methods of calculation. Not an easy method to master particularly if you are a bit shaky on your tables. As always, I have been repeating my mantra and reminding the children about how important it is to learn the multiplication. I can see that some of the children have been putting in the effort and are breezing through these tricky methods.


If you would like to support your child to learn the multiplication facts, than pop into school and pick up some resources from me so you can help at home.



We’ve made a great start to our next history enquiry too. The children enjoyed comparing old and new OS maps and looked at how Unsworth has changed. They worked in small groups and created 3D models of how this area might have looked 100 years ago. The children added pop up houses, farms and even Victoria Mill which once stood where our school is today. They were amazed to learn that even their houses did not exist 100 years ago. We’ve also had some great resources brought in by one of the children, showing his great grand parents gardening in their ‘new’ 1960s house and the initial stages of our school being erected in the background!

In science the children have been thinking about how different animal groups begin their life, including those that start as an egg and those that give birth to live young. The children worked in pairs to show different life cycle models, adding on information about each stage of the cycle.




Over the next few weeks, we should be getting a new addition to our class…so don’t forget to follow us on Twitter to find out about this exciting work.

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Learn to Succeed

Year Five and Six had a fantastic time on Friday with Tim Hall, who ran a workshop throughout the day all based around ‘Learning to Succeed’.  Hopefully, you managed to see the various tweets surrounding the events that were sent through the day.

The whole day explored some important ideas:

  • Why did you come to school today?
  • You can learn anything if you want to!
  • EFFORT always leads to results
  • We learn through following a process
  • Life is a lot easier if you get on with everyone

All of this was done in a fun and highly interactive way.  The children participated in building teepees, taking part in a name game, recording their thoughts about what success means to them, making paper aeroplanes, learning the steps of how to juggle and the ‘pen trick’.  The children as usual were a credit to the school and Tim commented on the high levels of perseverance and listening skills of the pupils that took part.  Thank you very much to the PTA, who funded this experience for our pupils.


Safer Internet 2017

At the beginning of February we will be focussing on the annual Safer Internet Day with our children. This is a global event and its theme is ‘Be the Change: Unite for a better Internet.’ Hundreds of organisations get involved in the day to help promote the safe, responsible use of digital technology for children and young people.

Safer Internet Day, 2017 will explore the power of image-both for positive and negative-in digital youth culture. The Internet can be a powerful tool. Children and young people can share images and videos to communicate and express their creativity. However, there can also be pressures, risks and potential negative consequences.

In our work with the children, we want to help them to build the skills and confidence to use images and videos safely and creatively but also ensure that they know how to have a positive time online. The Safer Internet resources will be used across the school to raise some of these issues in an age-appropriate way with all classes. Our e-warriors will be leading the way with this work.

In order to prepare for SID 2017, our assembly themes so far this term have been about technology and the Internet. We have discussed the idea of technology with the children and the idea that it is ‘anything that has been created by people’s ideas’ as one child said in our first assembly! The children have also discussed the many ways in which they use digital technology. Many of them are digital experts and sometimes we can be surprised, as teachers and parents, about just how much the children know and the various platforms they are using. It is vital that we help the children to do this safely.

If you would like to know more about Safer Internet Day,2017 and look at the parents advice pages, click here


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Infant & Junior Discos

Tickets are now on sale for our PTA Infant and Junior Discos on Friday 4th November. Tickets are priced at £3 per child or £5 per family including refreshments. Tickets must be purchased in advance. Staff will supervise the children so parents do not need to stay.

Click here to download the Infant Disco ticket order form.

Click here to download the Junior Disco ticket order form.

Please send in your orders by Tuesday 18th October at the latest. Tickets will be issued during the week commencing 31st October.

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PTA Meeting

All parents and carers are welcome to come along to our PTA annual general meeting which is taking place on Wednesday 28th September at 6.30pm in the school hall.

We will be planning our events taking place this year and would welcome any ideas or suggestions you may have.

If you cannot attend the meeting but would be willing to help out at future events we would love to hear from you. Please contact the school office.


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Sun still shining

Well what a lovely first week we have had back,the children have played out with their friends and enjoyed the sunshine. On Monday nights in our 4.30-5.30pm slot, Jay from Q-fit will be coming into after school club to play games with the children until the end of term.

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Getthing into the Groove!

The whole class have made a good start to Year Six and  are proving to be a lovely, really helpful bunch!  Various jobs have been handed out and the children have also chosen the days they would like to help out at lunchtime, in the Huff and Puff Shed.  They are looking forward to starting this next week.

The children were asked earlier in the week, about the things they might need to do to stay ‘Good to be Green’ each week.  They gave me lots of ideas and actually came up with every single thing, which was on my list!  I was very impressed.

We have also done some work this week on thinking about the good habits that help us to make the most of our learning opportunities.  . Being organised with homework tasks is an important part of this and all children brought home their mathematics booklet  this week as well as their learning log.  Reading regularly is one of the other ‘good habits’ we identified and discussed the idea that a person who reads can live a thousand lives whereas the person, who never reads only lives one!

The class all wrote me lovely letters this week where they shared interesting things about themeselves and some of their hopes for the year.  Hopefully our  brains are all now warmed up after our first week and we are truly into the Year Six Groove  ( trying our best, learning lots and having fun).  We will certainly be having fun next  Friday when we spend the day visiting Stockport as evacuees!

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The Unsworth eWarriors are coming!

In September our Unsworth eWarrior Digital  Leader and E-Safety group will launch. This new group will be made up of 3 children from each class from Y2 upwards and will aim to empower our children to help develop and shape our digital curriculum.

Children who are interested will have the chance to apply for the year long posts, if they feel they have the skills and would like to commit to the responsibilities that the eWarriors will have.

The eWarriors have their own webpage on our website that they will be taught to update and develop as the year progresses, which can be found if you click here. Also, they have their own blog, which they will take turns to create together and this will update the school community on their work and comments.

We can’t wait for our first eWarrior team to start work, so let the adventure begin!